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Monday, February 4, 2013

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Numbness best describes my view of the poem. It is a poem about numbness because the persona of the poem seems to be experiencing a lot of hurt to the extent that it feels nothing good anymore. "I put my hands among the flames" symbolizes that the author is exposed to obstacles in life which may perhaps be hurtful. Consecutively, the sentence "Nothing burns" follows where in my opinion symbolizes numbness. The author is also exhausted of the current sight which can mean that it is gradually there causing such numbness. The poem reveals a lot of hurt, negative feelings and depression –such feelings where one would want to be numb of. Moreover, in the phrase "liquors seep to me" tells us the author's intake of liquor which are drinks that give effects of unawareness and  numbness. Generally, the poem expresses a colorless life, a life full of hurt, a life one would want to escape from and a life one would want to be numb of. Therefore, it is a poem of numbness for me.
For me, it is also a poem of annihilation. The second line of the poem "Do you do no harm?" is an inquiry of desperation and from a wishful sadist. The author of the poem tries to annihilate from the world by taking in depressants. The line "little bloody skirts!" seem to reveal the author's miscarriage history. From that, the author could feel a lot of regrets which could make her want to cease existence. The poem generally has a persona of hurt, destruction and violence, piling all up inside the very unhappy author which leads to a desire of annihilation. In conclusion, it is a poem about annihilation.
I know pretty boring right? Honestly, that was the essay I had to do on the poem. How 'bout you what are your sentiments on the poem?

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Dя Toxifier said...

Hey Sherry! :)
I find this poem quite good. Not numb as you suggest. It sounds like either the poet is tough enough to be harmed by any flames, which might be symbolizing the worldly affairs. In other case one can think her to be in such a bad condition that she can no longer be harmed by anything.

In the second paragraph I can see the poet is kind of challenging the flame, instigating it, telling it to be weak.

And as we proceed I see that the poet wants to say that flame has lost it's existence. It is there, it's burning but no longer hot enough to harm anyone. It can be considered symbolizing the fact that people in the world have lost their trueself. One can people, but they are no longer the loving humans, they are just "living" but "not lively".

That's what I see this poem as. Maybe because I write poems in spare time and with hidden meanings that not everybody who ever read my poems could understand. But well, I am a time-pass poet, can't compare myself to anyone!

sHeRrY said...

@Toxifier: Actually, numbness and annihilation were one of the choices we had to write about in the question. Very well opinionated my friend:)

Dя Toxifier said...

Oh, I didn't know that. Anyways good to know my opinion was appreciated Sherry ;)
Back from your trip?

sHeRrY said...

@Toxifier: yup gonna blog about it anytime now:)

Dя Toxifier said...

Cool, would be looking forward to read that! :)
Anyways, my real name is not Toxifier, of course no parent's gonna name their kid as "toxifier". That's my pen-name. My real name is Bhanu, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "Sun". Though Sherry is your real name, I suppose! :D

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