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Saturday, February 16, 2013



By now, I should be blogging about the great time I had over at Switzerland and France last week but  I just realized something totally non-related to the trip that my current life is empty. I miss the little girl that I used to be ten years ago when everything used to be easier, happier and more hopeful but now I'm just lonely and disappointed:( No matter how hard I try to expect less, it's just hard knowing the fact that something more can be done. I appreciate all that person does but she just makes it too complicated leaving me all disappointed, confused and sad. Man this is the first time ever in my life that I admit being sad:( I hate this! Imagine from having the best week ever of your life from an amazing school tour to this dark depressing day. I just feel down today. All I need is just a little spark of hope in my life.

Don't worry much about me. I'm just really upset but I'll be fine and I'm just venting .

5 intrigued?:

Dя Toxifier said...

Although I know you'd be fine, but still I gotta say, Cheer up Sherry! :)

Lady_Myx said...

I'd love to hear/read the stories you've got in Switzerland and France! :) Blog it Sherry :)

Stay happy! :)


Trish said...

Go girl! :)
It's good of venting it out ;>

Anonymous said...

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