The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. —Oscar Wilde


[FORTUNATELY THIS IS ME] I smile(though my dad says my smile is expensive), you can easily make me laugh(when I'm in the mood), an honor student, 100% normal and human. I can sing, play the piano and just the basics on the guitar.
[SADLY THIS IS ME] I'm myopic(dorks who wear specs), frustrated dancer, imperfect like a dork, great procrastinator, stubborn and I hold grudges.
[LIKES] I love pink, rabbits, photography, traveling, music, SuJu(LeeSungMin), CNBlue(KangMinHyuk), 2NE1, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, friendly people  and me(why?they said I have to love myself first).
[DISLIKES] I hate snobs, tactless people, lizards, bad days(who doesn't?) and blackouts because I'm nyctophobic and a heat hater.

Once upon a time...
My nickname happens to be Sнєяяу. I Fell from heaven and became a princess on November 7, 1995. I am a Hispanic Filipino who grew up in Dublin, Ireland but on 2007 I flew to the Philippines and stayed for 5 years then on 2012 my mom made me go back to Ireland to finish High School. Currently I'm educated at St. Joseph College for 5th year..н!gн s¢нooℓ ℓ!fє really is something:]

So I'm not expecting to be known as a star
Since I'm also not known to be as Ms popular
I don't give a damn to what backstabbers have to say about ME^^p
Their only unreasonable reason is it's because of pure jealousy..."uhuh"
My name is always in their mouths because it's sweet
I don't need their forgiveness they can kiss my feet^^p
Sorry I'm pretty sure^^,
that this sickness of mine has no cure^^ppp
Sometimes I'm a comedian^^p
Also a dork! times a zillian...
I know I know, my rhyming sucks
But that's just it that's all my luck:]
Oh c'mon! It's not that bad
Don't be harsh this was all what my brain had^.^
Whatever!! I don't really care!!!
For you I have this dare:
Don't judge a book by its cover
get to kn0w that person better :)
My name is cHeRrYbElLe
haters go to hell^^/
(Can't understand?)
I'll slow it down for u^^,
Bottom line is I'm HARD TO FIGURE OUT!
that's all I can shout!
...Gotta problem with that? !!deal with it!! ^^]P
|★_。ஐ○ღMystery of Sнєяяу^^ღ__✿__^ *♥* ^¢нєяяувєℓℓє^ *♥* ^__✿__○ஐ。_★|
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