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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

。◕‿◕。Cherry Blossoms in the Winter


Ever since she was nine,
Trips to the park would make her smiles shine.
In the park where happiness lived,
All the fresh air she could breathe.

In the park's heart, were Cherry Blossoms aligned.
During spring was when they intertwined.
Blooming and singing was her hobby,
Petals on her hair just made her happy.

Summer sunshine glistened on her tan skin,
While her sparkly eyes accompanied her huge grin.
Prancing along the Cherry Blossoms,
The feeling was just awesome.

Those soft flowers she just wants to hold,
But now the Blossoms lessen since it's already fall.
Shivering out in the intense cold,
All the happy memories she can no longer recall.

No matter how hard she tries,
She just can't help but let out the cries.
Gone are the strolls in the morn',
And now she's just torn.

Pain has turned her faith into jet black,
It just seems to find a way to block her track.
All the woes make her falter,
As a Cherry Blossom would dormant for winter.

There's something she just can't crack,
Yes, gaiety she wants it back.
She feels so frustrated and lame,
Wishing it'd all end and be full of confidence and fame.

She should stop this,
She deserves to be bliss.
Guessing it's better this way for now,
Knowing that someday seasons will change somehow.

She is what she is,
Girl who drenches herself with all the insecurities.
It'll be spring again but under the Cherry Blossom,
Are her haunting memories that she'll forever fathom.

Purely made by me for a school English project but this is also what I'm terrribly feeling as of now:( Sad enough already so I hope no hypocrites will steal this composition of mine and STRICTLY no one can repost this anywhere. Honestly,  this was derived from my other poem entitled Bad Memories.

6 intrigued?:

Dя Toxifier said...

Nicely written! :)

clark lost said...

My Dear Sherry!

Your blog is wonderful and exciting!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
I really enjoyed this song playing!

Kisses on your heart!

Anonymous said...

hello....i'm a new blogger...nice visit your blog...and nice song

dari Malaysia Classic Motorcycle: Cerita dulu dulu......

lina @happy family said...

Beautiful poem, Sherry. Love reading it. You're so talented :)

Veron said...

Nice poem. :) Well written.

Lol. I hate when people copy things from the internet and claim them. :P

Syed Salleh said...

Woahhhh ! nice :)


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