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Sunday, June 3, 2012

ஓmy ipad2

As what you can see from the pic above, it seems like I prefer a picture frame stand more than my pink smartcover hahah. So I just transferred 1000PHp load from my phone to my iPad2 to activate Supersurf999 for unlimited net surfing for 1month through 3G even though there's already WiFi connection at home heheh. But it's not actually much of a waste because it would give me the benefit to still be able to surf the net whenever I'm travelling so there wouldn't be much of hassle in finding WiFi connections and luckily this phone network has a strong 3G signal in almost anywhere I go to. I love my iPad2 because it's more convenient and I usually watch Korean dramas on it but I gotta buy that $5 iSwifter app in order to play full version Adobe Flash.

7 intrigued?:

Veron said...

Lol. Cute idea of replacing your smart cover with a picture frame stand. :P What network are you using sis?

sHeRrY said...

@Veron: Globe

Sunmagicflower said...

You are very smart :)

Tet said...

that looks good :)

anyway, I'm being lazy everytime I'm about to look for a job and that's because I got rejected for the first time :(
you earn money online? how?
I said on the last part that I'm not used of not having my own money anymore.. take care :) you can leave a message on my guestbook :)

sHeRrY said...

Oh so you already applied before? And you've already tried having a job before? because I still don't understand the sentence "I'm not used of not having my own money anymore EVER SINCE I STARTED WORKING" so that might mean you've already been employed before and would like to work again? Well, you can earn online through your own personal blog through ads and I specifically use nuffnang ads but you can also try out Google Adsense for yourself which is more compatible with Blogger:) Base on my experience, these earning method takes months and I wouldn't advise it for someone who wants to earn bucks instantly.

Tet said...

exactly, now you got my point..:)
I actually have a blog posts bout my work before in my webpage..

anyway, I badly need money right now because I lost my allowance. And I don't want my parents to know about it ://

thanks for the info anyway :)

Tet said...

hey, I already have a tagboard :))

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