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Monday, January 23, 2012

✿may you RIP Puppy

Sadly after buying cloth for my dance costume, I was informed that this cute little fur-ball up there is already up in heaven :( It's so sad how she was only with us for only more or less than two weeks and she's already like family to us. The saddest part is her unfair death because I can't avenge our maid who hooked her up with a leash because Puppy herself was also the one who jumped off the terrace. I will really miss you Puppy. Hope you'll watch over me from up there because I'll also never forget those happy memories we shared together for only over a short period of time. Those meows you had with dad and most especially the joy you gave us, I'll forever cherish these. I'll forever remember you though you were a cheeky one. You're so damn cute and you'll always be my one and only "Puppy". I'm gonna miss you're annoying meows...T_T

I wonder if it was Nian from that Chinese New Year folktale who took Puppy away? Anyways, let's just cherish this only video I have left of her. She had so much fun playing with the paper ball that I still have:(

3 intrigued?:

Virgo said...

May you find eternal peaceful puppy

April Angelique Tarongoy said...

what a loss :(

may he rest in peace

sHeRrY said...

@April Angelique Tarongoy: hahah he's a girl^^, I really miss her though and now it's quite boring here at home without her :((

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