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Sunday, August 7, 2011

。◕‿◕。after the freakin' exams..

Initially, we were gonna go to this nature park, out of town but there was a change in plans because of my cousin (in a good way) and we just decided to go to the zoo, again in another town because our city doesn't really have any nature attractions. Anyways we actually just postponed going to that nature park because once my cousin heard, she wanted to come with but she wasn't coming home yet for another week so we just decided to go to the zoo which she doesn't know yet 'til she checks out the pictures in Facebook. heheh. But she shouldn't be that jealous because I also posted up in her Facebook wall that I'm also gonna bring her to this zoo when she comes home. So yea as you can see from above it's called "ZooColate Thrills" derived from the famous "Chocolate Hills" here in Bohol. This place used to be "Sumampong Horse Riding Club" and I guess this company originally from Tagaytay is just renting for their zoo if I'm not mistaken. I just wanted to ride a horse 'til I found out that the place was converted into a zoo and so we just took the zoo tour because it was after all scorching hot because we picked a wrong time of the day to come.

Actually, the zoo ain't that developed yet because as what the guide revealed the actual grand opening will be this coming December so we expect to come again and take pictures of new arrivals (animals). The guide talked about a lot of facts. Facts that I haven't heard of before. Just like: Did you know that tigers' eyes turn green (just like my hazel green eyes) when they're angry? Or maybe you already know how an ostrich can be very fast but their brains can be smaller than their eyeballs (that's why they're stupid) but I just learned all those today. There were many other interesting facts but I guess you can just Google up animal facts. I was amazed how I saw the Indian Python or rather just a snake change it's skin for the first time. I know how I was just talking 'bout angry tigers and I wouldn't ever wanna be in their bad side because they can be pretty scary and yea I was kinda scared when I was given the chance to touch a baby tiger while it was being fed but I did it for the first time. Had a lot of fun first times in "ZooColate Thrills" but I definitely wouldn't wanna have my second times with my cousin pass by.

Awesome August 2011 (Facebook photos):here
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hey affie. hows life? and thanks for dropping by.

I lvoe your background music. what is the name of the song?

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how bout you? where do you place your links?

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