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Friday, August 26, 2011

ஓSOS in Physics

Not that I'm failing but I still wanna strive hard in getting better grades in Physics but because I can sometimes be too ambitious I'm scared that I might just get too disappointed when I still don't meet my expectations. I know I wasn't like this before and I don't know why my Science grades are decreasing. I thought I found Science interesting. Biology was alright it's just that the teacher was weird, Chemistry was interesting it's just that the teacher was kinda boring sometimes and here comes Physics. Good it has a little bit of Math, no a lot, but it's not just that the teacher is boring but it's also the subject this time now because I usually go off like "why measure the driver's final velocity after he has ran over an old lady crossing the street?!" I guess when it came to Physics, Science lost me because I really don't like studying topics which are less significant and idiotic much?

Ughhh... Physics is the only subject of the day where I get worried before the session. Science is the only subject that has been affecting my honor roll for these past few years. It really sucks how all of my other grades in other subjects are far beyond higher than my Physics grade!! I really wanna put in more effort in the subject but again I don't wanna get my hopes up too high and just disappoint myself.

Oh how I miss those times over the weekend just last Saturday, such an extreme Saturday! That picture up there,  yea it's moi after riding the "Suislide" Zipline. It was so fun since it was my first time. Hell yea since it was my first, at first I was like "Am I gonna make it alive?" but when I was at the middle part "The view down below is spectacular. I wish this would never end." After the Zipline together with my cousins, we decided to go riding in go-karts and it was hell fun! Then we made a little stroll along the beach just before we filled our stomachs with dinner over at a Barbeque House.

I know adventure can be define by Physics but if only I could avoid it and just go on traveling my whole life^^/

Take a look!
Swooshy Saturday 2011 (Facebook pictures):here
Giving time friction is just as hard as getting high grades in Physics. Stress, get lost!

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Emily C. said...

My dad teaches physics! i think you just to to spend more time on it, doing more exercises?

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