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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

✿August, be good to me

Today is just one of those days when you went to the pub last Tuesday night. heheh. Had so much fun last night when we went to have dinner at Panglao island. We were suppose to have a little stroll along the beach but dad just decided to go over to "One 4 the Road" bar. I usually get myself tipsy at bars or KTVs but last night I just had a mango shake while playing Jenga with my uncles and aunts then afterwards I played Foosball with my cousin. Me and dad are planning on tagging along with my aunt out of town this coming Sunday -so excited.

And today is also one of those days when our school gives a 1 day study day before the Periodical Tests(tomorrow 'til Friday) and I haven't studied a bit yet. Ughh. Studying can be so boring and guess what? I still have to take an UPCAT test this Saturday just before the family outing this Sunday and so that's why I so can't wait to just have fun after the 3 days of tests. So now I gotta jet and go study just after I finish this school project first. Wish me luck guys!
Base on Newton's 3rd law, for every negative experience there'll always be an opposing positive reward. 

6 intrigued?:

Pou Leen said...

like the twist on Newton's 3rd Law...

Angel.S said...

Wow! Looks Like You Had A Lotta Fun~!

Emily C. said...

COOL PIC! hope the game was fun. have fun on sunday! ^^

and good luck! ;)

Nina said...

hello sherry, can't reply on your tag board it says "posting failed. this Cbox is locked. posting is disabled." uhm btw we didnt remove your link, our links are found in our navi "Cliques" and your link is still there ^^

airam said...

funny photo sherry :) Greets from
Happy august!

Char said...

what do you mean? ur link is still on our site as well as all the others. check on the "cliques" navigation on the right.

-char of

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