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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

。◕‿◕。was tagged

Thank you Sayraah and Jean for tagging!

1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.
10 things about sHeRrY
1. I took my first breath on November 7, 1995
2. I'm Cherrybelle Dawn Reyes Sarigumba, your imperfect dork.
3. I originated in the Philippines but I grew up in Ireland.
4. Smiling is my passion.
5. I originally look through brown eyes but because I'm myopic (-3) I prefer wearing my hazel green contacts.
6. I love pink! But as I grew up I started to consider purple and minty green.
7. I love the #7.
8. I'm a Korean and Taiwanese drama addict.
9.I also love rabbits, photography, traveling, SuJu(LeeSungMin), CNBlue(KangMinHyuk), 2NE1(SandaraPark), Bruno Mars, friendly people who have a lot of things in common with me and I'd also like if you'd check out my page "Girl" for more info 'bout moi (french word for me).
10. Lastly, I'm a procrastinator who loves her money-making blog :]
Merel Char&Nina Marinella Emily Angel Panda Darell Dee Luanne Caren
I disabled right click in my blog so just kindly Ctrl+C or highlight then Ctrl+Ins.

Destiny is for losers! It's stupid to wait for things instead of just making them happen. -Sayraah 

16 intrigued?:

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

ireland~ cool!

sHeRrY said...

@Kyril: yea it's cool there! I mean the weather's usually below 10 degrees Celsius. hahah

LALA shaheila said...

i like purple too :)

Angel.S said...

2NE1 Rocks!!!! Especially Dara~! \m/

Sandra said...

im also a jdorama/kdrama/tdrama addict like you! That's cool to know I have someone around who can relate with my own addiction to dramas. ^-^

sHeRrY said...

@Sandra: cool! I mean as you've read I also love friendly people who have alot of things in common with me but I'm that into Jdrama. I just recently saw "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and I'm currently watching "King of Baking, Km Tak Goo". In the future, I'm gonna blog 'bout all the Kdramas I've seen for 2010-2011:]

bubbles said...

im myopic too! but i prefer glasses over contacts. :)

you grew up in ireland? that's so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Yup. No tagboard and the bg music is from Tangled. :D

sHeRrY said...

@bubbles: well, i for one prefer my contacts because my glasses deepen my eyes, it makes me looks geekish and diminishes my beauty. hahah! Also I've been wearing contacts for 3 years already so I'm use to them. yea I was in Ireland from 2004-2007 but my parents made me come back here in the Philippines so that I could be more asian-like but I think we're gonna migrate back abroad when I reach college:]

@Kristina: my fave song was, if i remember it correctly ~flower gleam and glow, let your power shine. make the clock reverse bring back what once was mine... hahah!

faja12 said...

I also love rabbit.. :)
funny.. :D

AgentPanda said...

Thanks for tagging. I'll repost it later. =)))))

Luanne said...

You grew up in Ireland?! That's so cool! I really wanted to go there! :D

sHeRrY said...

@Luanne: just a vacation or really reside there?

Luanne said...

Just go on vacation .. :D

Char said...

will post about this soon! :) thanks for tagging us! :)

Emily C. said...

HELLO. I've FINALLY did the tag :)

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