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Sunday, May 22, 2011

✿reverse psychology

Her: sup?
Me: nothing much
Her: how are you?
Me: fine and you?
Her: JSYK, still breathing
Me: that's good and normal for a human like you
Her: so you're not human?
Me: no, I'm human
Her: well, that's good and normal for an earthling like you
Me: you don't sound like a human anymore
Her: so what's your name again? i forgot
Me: oh reaaaally?
Her: yeaup! I did so name?
Me: call me anything you like
Her: hey anything you like!
Me: hahah. who abducted you?
Her: I abducted myself so if you were to die today, why not tomorrow?
Me: because I hate delays
Her: but you're the best procrastinator I've known and I mean you ate your breakfast at exactly 2pm and that's gotta be a world record! Is that even legal? Would you still even call that a breakfast?
Me: yup that's so legal and you can call it brunch
Her: oh so it's like that so anything you like, can I also call brunch anything I like?
Me: be my guest!
Her: so do I still have to procrastinate in order to call it anything I like?
Me: so if you were to die tomorrow, why not today?
Her: because I'd miss you so tomorrow's better and fine I'll stop pestering you now.

Finally, she typed in a period! And that means that the conversation is finally over when she finally types in a period. Reverse psychology really works. Usually I have bad memory but hahah I can't believe I remembered all that! Well, it's not that long anyways.

Those two lines that I had in bold, you may also comment up your answers on either one. Yea those 2 questions kinda rings a bell 'bout the *tsk judgement day crap y'all have heard about right? Also heard about that nonsense last 2 days ago. So yesterday at 6pm? Yea you might've told that to someone who cared but you never made me believe! I may be that I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it type but I do love God and I'm not an anti-Christ, I just speak my mind and I obviously don't know if there's a judgement day but if there is I doubt it if anybody would be able to predict. Gosh I'm not the only procrastinator around. Sometimes, this laptop of mine can also really procrastinate!
I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned how to dance, waiting for the bathroom. -Bob Hope

11 intrigued?:

sayraah said...

hey! you're still alive. lol. we're immortal now because we survived judgement day. :D

Luanne said...

LOL. I can't believe someone could believe that there's an end of the world thing.

Joanna said...

Nice blog

nice : ) said...

we're still alive! wahaha! thank God! :D

hmm, i don't really like answering questions concerning death, but i'll answer it anyway to challenge my mind. lol

- if you were to die tomorrow, why not today?
~ so that i could still live life to the fullest knowing that a certain day is my last day. -_-

Caren said...

Haha, the convo kind of confused me. But I got it. :) Is the girl your friend or something. :)

And btw, I don't believe that the Judgement day is exactly on May 21st. I won't even believe 'that judgement day crap' if i haven't read articles that it was written on the bible so yeah. I just believe that if it wasn't yesterday, someday it would come. :) haha.

sHeRrY said...

@caren: yea she's just my crazy friend. we're compatible for each other because we're both weird and confusing:]

Jamie said...

Lol. that was a long convo. Pft. I'm so tired of people telling the world will end on this date. blah blah blah.

junebride said...

hi sherry! good thing you got a friend to share good laughs with... hey i tagged you, check my latest post!

Trish said...

We're still alive! ;) And if ever there's a judgement day, we may be scared at first but we must trust God in every plans He has for us :)

Kitty said...

LOL yeah, breakfast at 2pm. Nothing wrong with that. If someone is to point that out to me, I'll just say, "well, it's morning somewhere else in the world"

sHeRrY said...

@kitty: clever answer! should've thought of that one hahah.

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