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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ஓsouth park addicted to facebook

This is so damn funny guys! Every Facebook user out there should find time to watch this because the exaggeration of this video kinda teaches us that we shouldn't be that addicted to Facebook and also other social networking sites but not that I have anything against them just that they can also be bad for your health if you get too addicted. I must also warn you that there's a little bit of profanity in this video so I wouldn't recommend this much to minors. 
I so remember how I used to watch a little bit of South Park when I used to live in Ireland. South Park is so damn funny and also updated with reality.  Facebook even got South Park cracking up! ROFL when Stan was like denying Facebook and when Stan's dad was like "Stan, why wont you be friends with grandma?". hahah I'm also friends with my grandparents in Facebook. And also that Kip Drordy kid, gosh LOL to that happy background music when it comes to him. Yea South Park may have some profanity but it also has its sweetness just like when Stan transferred all his friends to Kip.
 Lastly, I'd just like to apologize to all those who might've seen my Facebook badge around here in this blog then added me as a friend then I might've ignored you because I usually only add close online friends, friends who I really know in reality and people who have blood relations with me. But y'all should also know that I play Farmville and you can be my neighbor just PM me up in Facebook first saying that you'd just like to be Farmville neighbors then after I add you as a friend, you may already add me as a Farmville neighbor. Now I know Farmville is kinda old fashioned now but you can't blame me for having it as my stress reliever. Well actually at first, it was just all because of my competitive side where I wanted to surpass my mom's level in Farmville but after I beat her it just became my stress reliever. Facebook really helps you connect and share not only with the people in your life but also with yourself. ^-^
 Let's all pray for Mother Nature especially Iceland.

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