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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

。◕‿◕。my girlfriend is a gumiho



My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Lee Seung-Ki.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Shin Min-A.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-No Min-Woo.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Park Su-Jin.jpg
Lee Seung-KiShin Min-ANo Min-WooPark Su-Jin
Cha Tae-WoongMi-HoPark Dong-JooEun Hye-In
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Byeon Hie-Bong.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Yun Yu-Seon.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Song Dong-Il.jpgMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Hyomin.jpg
Byeon Hie-BongYun Yu-SeonSong Dong-IlHyomin
Cha PoongCha Min-SookBan Doo-HongBan Sun-Nyeo
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox-Kim Ho-Chang.jpg
Kim Ho-Chang
Kim Byeong-Soo

Cha Tae-Woong (Lee Seung-Ki) is a spoiled young man with no interest in staying in college. Instead, Cha Tae-Woong wants to become an action actor. His wealthy grandfather Cha Poong (Byeon Hie-Bong) though wants Tae-Woong to take his studies seriously and change his major from acting. When Cha Poong learns that Tae-Woong spent his next semester's tuition fees on an expensive motorcycle, he calls the police and reports the motorcycle as stolen. Cha Poong then picks up Tae-Woong up from the police station and attempts to drive him to a remote boarding school in hopes that he would change his major. At a rests area along the way, Tae-Woong is able to slip away from his grandfather and hide in the back of a delivery truck. The delivery truck then drives off. Eventually, Tae-Woong gets out of the delivery truck, but finds himself in the middle of nowhere on a late rainy evening. He then gets a ride from a buddhist monk, who also gives him shelter at a Buddhist Temple. Late in the evening at the Buddhist Temple, Tae-Woong wonders off hoping to catch a signal for his cellphone. Suddenly he hears a woman's voice from a woman his cellphone. The woman instructs Tae-Woong to enter the temple and draw nine tails onto a painting of a fox. Once Tae-Woong draws the nine tails on the fox, he unknowingly frees the legendary nine tailed fox known as "Gumiho" (Shin Min-A). Tae-Woong fears for his life, but Gumiho just wants to be loved (and eat lots of beef!).
I'll be blogging about all the Korean drama I've watched for the past 2010-2011 but this is the latest Korean drama that I've been watching for the past few weeks. Well, actually I finished this 2 weeks ago only for 2 days but I had to watch it again online because the CD that I watched it from had some grammatical errors at the last few episodes and so I just finished watching it online today which could have been sooner if I wasn't distracted with other stuff.

Anyways, I kinda find the plot of this drama a brain twister but generally this drama is comprehensive, dramatic (obviously), funny and No Min Woo is so hot in here..xD

Speaking of No Min Woo, I've just heard of him through this drama and the first time I saw him I was like "OMG! An angel playing a devil's role?". Moreover, he also starred in another Korean drama "Midas" which is also on my list of Korean dramas to watch this month. Honestly, it's a pretty long list and I just hope I'll get to watch 'em all this month^_^
Really Twitter ain't my thing but I got bored so sherry7tweets is officially mine and feel free to follow but don't be asking me to do so back at you because I'll only be following Super Junior<3

7 intrigued?:

sarahdlsan said...

To be honest, I don't have that much to say because i'm not into korean drama but I have close friends who are into k-pop and korean drama like you. I hope we could be close friends, too. :D

sHeRrY said...
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sHeRrY said...

@sarahdlsan: heheh it's alright, Korean dramas can't please everyone but there are actually a lot of good ones out there so I think you should still give some a chance in the future. I'll bet we'll get along just find with your other close friends but actually I'm not that much into kpop because I'm more on Korean dramas. Do they have blogs? Yea let's be close friends online^^, Where you from? I feel that you're from Philippines.

Miho Octobergloom said...

Ohwow! Is this the show you're talking about? xD I saw its trailer on Philippine TV; it's quite interesting but I'm not into K-Dramas, so... maybe some other time, hihi. xD Enjoy watching! :)

sHeRrY said...

@Miho: yea this was the drama I was talking about but I've already seen this last month. I haven't seen the Philippine trailer yet so what's the girl's name in the Philippines because her real Korean name is Gu Mi Ho^_^

nadia ar-rumaisha said...

i like Personal taste and i have 2 lil sister that very addict to korean drama.. and me, so-so saja...

Rachelle said...

i recently bought a copy of this for just P11 at quiapo. lol. i'll be watching this after my summer class.

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