The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. —Oscar Wilde

Sunday, May 8, 2011

✿what did i just do?!

She was like "so is it ok if you'll do it?" and I was like "yea sure, why not? I mean it'll also benefit me in school with my extra curricular activities right? and I mean it's alright I've done it before so yea!". And so why am I now regretting?! Oh c'mon I had to accept the offer forgetting about the complications. But I also thought of those complications back then but they seemed alright. Urgghhh! But now, I'm just not up for it anymore. I feel like I'll only regret it? But will I? But on the bright side, I accepted it because of these bright sides. And on the no-turning-back side, I can't just call her back and refuse! I've got myself into this mess and now there's no turning back. Uhhh.. I guess I'll just have to face it. I really hate myself for getting myself into these sticky situations but on the sunny side it's not that complicated anyways. So yea! Since I got myself into this I'll guess I'll have to make myself think positive about it and go for it even if it'll... I don't know kill me? embarrass me? uuuhhhhh... I just hope they'll partner me up with someone cute! And oh yea! I forgot about the partner. T_T The decision has been made and I just hope they'll cancel it or just make the right one:[ I'm being unpredictable here right? pleeaaase, don't try to be a psychic anymore and ask more questions! I just feel the need to let all of this out:]

Make mistakes, regret and then move on.

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