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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ஓmy cousin

I made this some time last year on December when I was bored then photoshopped to entertain myself and heheh boy the result is indeed very humorous for me^^p What a camwhore my cousin is! Actually she was using my aunt's cam in here then there was a time when I had to temporarily borrow my aunt's cam (because my cybershot cam just got stolen and I didn't have my bloggie touch yet) then when I was going to upload the pictures in facebook I noticed these so I grab the oppurtunity to steal 'em and make voila!

hahah.. My cousin is actually pretty isn't she? Hope you don't mind, ate Analyn (her name). Well, actually there's nothing you can do about it now... bwahahah! And please, it's not that bad. ^_^
The dazzling light of the sunrise is intended to wake up earth as the soft orange color of the sunset, appeasing the tone with the moon calling for dreams is meant to pour rest & peace on earth. Then the stars will light up the path and the night breeze will hum endless dreams to the night dreamers. Pleasant life, take care. -Gaia

2 intrigued?:

Anonymous said...

cool. I love doing GIF's. Most of my friends are camwhores, too. lol. :D photoshop can cure boredom, sometimes. :D

Angel.S said...

She's A BEAUTY~! About My Blog...Yep! I Changed The Template And About Mah Grad..I Took A GED Test At DEPED And Passed It Since I Was A Little "Good Girl"(CHOS!) During My HS Days...But Im A College Student Now..

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