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Monday, May 16, 2011

✿happy pearl anniversary!

Yea just about 4 hours ago (May 16, 2011) was my uncle's pearl wedding. Sisinio-Cristina Pearl Wedding was a success! My 3 cousins, their 3 daughters came home and left their jobs just to attend the Pearl Wedding of their parents. Well, actually the youngest daughter, my cousin came the earliest last month from USC, Cebu because of school vacation (she really didn't just came home to attend the wedding) and my other 2 older cousins just arrived last Saturday from Laguna (nurse grad but is currently temporarily working as a call center agent and she's the cousin that I just featured earlier) and Bukidnon (supervisor in Del Monte food company) because of work. The bride my aunt and her daughters rented gowns, my uncle wore a traditional Philippine Barong and hired my dad's godchild to do everyone's makeup and everybody else wore formal outfits. The altar was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers sent by my distant uncle from Manila who ows a famous flower shop.

Generally, everything was just perfect! I read the prayers of the faithful with emotions but humiliatingly after I read, I noticed my dad laugh a little so I asked my cousin if I read it alright then she replied that I read it beautifully then I asked again why my dad looked like he was laughing then she broke it down to me gently by saying "because you see, you kinda stole the priest's line but it was barely noticeable". How dumb of me?! So that's why the last line was pretty long because it really wasn't meant for me! I felt down and hell embarrassed for a while that I had my head held down because I mean the priest was still there in front of me celebrating the mass! I really tried to pronounce the words intelligently but I guess I just didn't read it carefully. I hope God will forgive me. I know he will but still that was pretty urgh! Why do I do these things?! Then I felt kinda better during the picture taking portion where my cousins where there for me just trying to derive my thoughts from what just happened.

The reception was scrumptious! I can really say that my aunt, the bride is really sweet because though it was her wedding anniversary, she still thought of me. How? She told me that she really had to include "Sweet Chicken Corn Soup" as one of her starters because it was after all also my favorite. Talk about selfless love right? They so deserved the free reception venue offered by their rich friend and also the 2 cakes also given by 2 of their friends.

 After having a delicious dinner we had a little picture taking session over at the reception venue then together with my cousins, dad and my other aunt we changed venues. Sadly, my 7 year old cousin wanted to tag along but my dad didn't allow since she's a bit underage. So that picture up there kinda shows how my uncle's 30th wedding anniversary (Pearl Wedding) ended with my tipsy cousins over at Timeout KTV lounge.

Sisinio-Cristina Sarigumba Pearl Wedding (facebook pictures): here

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sayraah said...

aww, everybody makes mistakes but then again, you read it beautifully. :D I love attending family weddings because that's almost the only time that our family and relatives are together. i hope you enjoyed the soup. :D lol.

sHeRrY said...

@sayraah: yea I guess so. I mean I wouldn't be human if I didn't make mistakes. Family gatherings especially birthdays are the best because I love my relatives and I so damn loved the soup that I so filled up my bowl up to the brim!

sayraah said...

i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :D

Angel.S said...

Im Happy That Ya Had A Good Time Even Though What Has Happened During The Wedding Ceremony~! But I Can Tell You Really Went Home With A Full Stomach~! Well, It's Ok To Make MISTAKES, After All, To ERR Is HUMAN.


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