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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It kinda started last night so I gargled with Bactidol but I already doubted last night if it'd have an effect on my tonsils because there was only little Bactidol left so I just had to take a little than prescribed since I couldn't to go the pharmacy late at night anymore. I hate my tonsils for they are usually sensitive since I was young where I use to get fevers because of a terrible tonsillitis:[ It really hurts and sucks at the same time because it wont make me concentrate on studying for my two day periodical tests tomorrow...T_T Well, at least it got better this afternoon compared to when I woke up this morning because my dad bought Bactidol. Speaking of Bactidol, I remember having it as an advertiser here in my blog before.

How can I attract more visitors?
Please participate in my first poll that I just added up because I really need to know what I should change in my blog to attract more visitors to earn more money in nuffnang so that I'll be able to know if I can really earn money at nuffnang at the same time I also need money as of now. I need the money for a new ipod usb because mine got stolen when our house got robbed and I miss my ipod's sweet music that never fails to cheer me up. Though, I can charge through our car but it's still not the same with being able to add up more songs and videos in your ipod. I also need the money for a .info domain and thank God those domains are cheap. I know I can just ask my parents for the stuff/money but this time I wanna be independent and it's just a little amount of money and once again I also wanna experience earning in nuffnang:] 
If you're not big enough to take criticisms then you're also too small to be praised.    

4 intrigued?:

CHEEN said...

mm, thats aweful sis, i know how yo feel :)) haha.

attract more visitors ? why dont you change yer layout ? haha.

Aivs said...

Voted! You know sis, I blog hop a lot.. yes, it attracts visitors but I don't know if they even read my post, sometimes I think they just leave a message on the chat box, and then leave. So I'm thinking of deleting the chat box.. but it may lessen the visitors.. I'm hard up too.. =(

sHeRrY said...

CHEEN: yea it was very terrible now it's gone^^, change my layout? hmm I don't really want to because I'm too lazy and you know what I don't even know why I still included that option there maybe I just wanted to know your opinions? Which part should I change in my layout?

Aivs: that's what I think so too because that's what I do. I enjoy bloghopping then I quickly leave a message in the tagboard which I think is very challenging then leave but it actually depends when sometimes a post attracts me. Actually I only comment at selected posts mostly from my paperclips and other interesting ones since some posts from other bloggers can be too vain, boring and like I care. I only do tagging and then leave right away because I mean it's kinda like a token of appreciation for like at least taking the time to visit and boost up my nuffnang and like I don't know those strangers so why take a long time in their site? So alright I will keep on bloghopping but I'll definitely wont delete my tagboard because I want my visitors to have the chance to advertise a little in my blog and I'm not also seeking for more comments just more visitors to earn money:] And also if you delete your tagboard I don't think it will lessen your visitors but your comments may boost up because I'm kinda sure they might look around where they'll be able to dump their site link where other people can visit them back

sHeRrY said...
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