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Thursday, January 20, 2011

✿runny nose✿

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Whoopy! This morning I woke up tonsillitis-free! But these tonsillitis earthquakes of mine always come with aftershocks. Usually it's a high fever but this time it was a runny nose...T_T Anything but a horrible runny nose! I hate a runny nose where I can hardly breathe, hear and speak properly! 

I sounded so pathetic when I was answering my periodical tests and even until now! How I'd bow down to answer my paper but those things will also fall! Damn gravity! And then I'd have to quickly sniff them back up because I can't manage to get the tissue right away beside me for the mean time since I'm still answering my test paper with limited time. heheh I know that was disgusting to read but I also wanna share the horror with you^^p BTW that was so annoying and I hate sniffing them back because they give me headaches:[

Periodical tests day 1
Day 1 had 4 subjects. First up was Filipino and now I'm so glad that it's over because I'm really not that good in Tagalog since I'm used to English because I grew up in Ireland so that subject isn't really my type. But who ever thought that I'd get a better grade in Filipino than in CL(no not from 2ne1 but Christian Living)? Ughh...CL, that's another story later. Next up was Social Studies, simple though there was a part that was kinda hard but I managed. And then after recess, CL punished me! I mean though I lived but we all thought it was complicated well, our CL teacher's grammar actually. Though CL is supposed to be the easiest from the previous levels with other teachers but I really just don't understand his English. He used to be my Math and he's far more better there with less English!! Then the last subject was Geometry. Some may think it's complicated but I think it's both complicated and useless but actually I sometimes enjoy it like today. Though I missed out some items because they were really hard to crack, it was easy:]

My poll
Thank you for the 7 people who participated so far. I actually thought the "post" option would be leading but I can see that there's something wrong with my layout? Well, actually I'm too lazy and I think I still will be by the time the poll will end to change my layout. So what's the point on including it as an option? I still wanna hear your specific opinions for I'm only lazy because I don't have the time for I'm focusing on other stuff and I also don't feel like changing it yet. So which part of my layout should I change for the better? Though the poll has just began just comment your suggestions here:]
 BOY:You must be great at Geometry. right?
GIRL:No I'm not why you thought so? because I look smart?
BOY:No because you're beautiful in every angle!

10 intrigued?:

nekomiou said...

I hate runny nose~ If only it can be taken off~

sHeRrY said...

nekomiou: having a runny nose is jthe worst! been having this for 3 days already and I just feel like dying how I can't properly breathe:[

sHeRrY said...
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RuSh D said...

hope you get better soon:)

Sakurai Ayumi said...

Hello, Ayu's here (Bali, Indonesia). I wanna be your new friend ^_^ I think I can get along with you because you're one of Korean Lover, am I right?

Anyway, due to poll you have, I've sign my fingerprint there (I mean I've choose one of them LOL) and I choose bloghopping, no spesific reason though. I just feel blogwalking is one of effective way to make yourself known by world ^_^ And that's make me come here ^_^

Anyway, are you Fillipine? May I know what were you doing in Ireland? (just currious) ^_^

I though I'll visit you again later. ^_^ Let's be best friend and hope you pop to my blog soon, I am counting you ^_^

sHeRrY said...

RuSh D: believe it or not I'm fever free but I've been having this runny nose for a week and two days.

Sakurai Ayumi: whoa.. kinda pressured here since you said you were counting on me? counting on me to be the best friend? well anyways, I can assure you I can be a best friend but I can't be the best for you^^, nice meeting you new friend! BTW it's Filipino not FilipinE^^, I resided in Ireland for 3 years^^, Kdrama is the best^^, I just finished Personal Taste and I think I'm gonna watch Playful Kiss during our school vacay because my school schedule is getting kinda hectic while I'm a Kdrama addict. In the future, I'm gonna post up all the Kdrama both movies and series that I've watched^_^

Sakurai Ayumi said...

Hahaha, I was just counting you to visit my blog actually :P

FilipinO? Whatever (hahaha, I can't speak English well, mianhae :P)

Speak of FilipiO, what is the main language you guys use daily? thagalog? Ahaha, sorry if I make mistake again :D

You've just finished Personal Taste? In my country it was broadcasted a year ago LOL

Now we are in Baker's King fever, have you ever heard about it?

sHeRrY said...

sakurai ayumi: our national language is Tagalog but i can also speak another native language which is Visaya and Philippine's second language is English. And also I'm able to speak Tagalog but in our place we daily use Visaya but I don't know much of the deep words because I'm more fluent in English since I grew in Ireland. Actually Personal Taste was finished airing in our country long time ago last year but I didn't like watching it dubbed in our language since I prefer it in Korean and I wasn't able to watch it in our TV because I had lots of school projects last year because I prioritize my studies first and I was also watching another Kdrama online:]

Sakurai Ayumi said...

I much prefer watch it in native too (in Korean). ^_^ and I have finished before it aired in my country (watched it streaming)

sHeRrY said...

yea me too i'm also the same with you. I usually watch the Kdrama before it's aired in TV:] Just like Cinderella's Sister I watched it before it was televised. Cinderella's Sister is now currently aired in one of our country's TV station(my fave station). Because you see here in our country there's 3 major local channels who are like rivals and they try to attract more viewers by airing different Kdramas in their channel and there are even some Kdramas being aired in other TV stations that i didn't even know that they're already being aired because I only usually tune in my fave channel and not those other 2 and also aside from our 3 local channels there's also animax. And I think the "Baking.." drama that you mentioned earlier was already finished airing in the other TV station. Does Indonesia also have many local channels just like ours? I don't really like watching Kdramas on TV but I prefer watching it on DVD or either online when I have free time because I like to watch it consequently^^, I just finished watching Playful Kiss in Youtube and now I'm about to watch the special editions:]

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