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Friday, January 14, 2011

ஓdespite schoolஓ

Ang Tanging Mo: Last Nato

Last Monday, my parents brought me with them to the cinema to watch this. Unfortunately, we were late for about 20 minutes but this movie didn't fail to entertain us. This movie is so hilarious! At the same time there were also parts where I really tried hard not to cry and there were also some parts that made me feel awkward because I was able to relate how sometimes I take my parents for granted. Actually, I'm really that type of person who forgets easily since I have a bad memory though not that bad but most of the time ever since I entered High School. Anyways, my point in the previous sentence was that due to my bad memory I actually forgot most parts of the movie that I ain't giving you my summary and also another reason for that is because I wasn't able to start and watch it fully so just watch it fully yourself k because I really recommend it to chaotic families!

Nancy Drew Files 

This is also related to Monday since I borrowed this last Monday but due to hectic study schedules I finally was able to finish this just now. Yea it's the collector's edition but I don't collect Nancy Drew books since I can just borrow from the library. This book is great because it's 3 mysteries in one. Though I wish Ned and Nancy could be more emphasized because their tandem melts my heart ever since I've seen the Nancy Drew movie with Emma Roberts and Max Thieriot.

I still remember from before specifically 3 years ago when I was a freshman how I didn't want to read Nancy Drew books because the cover looked ugly and old maybe because a lot of other students borrowed it from the library but I picked it out anyways because it was for English subject requirements. How it was always inside my bag untouched bothered me that I started reading it and suddenly I got attached and started to borrow more. So therefore I conclude that Carolyn Keene is a brilliant author who writes Nancy Drew books though I honestly must say that I'm not that addicted to these books. I wish there could be more Nancy Drew movies since Emma Roberts and Max Thieriot look cute together and I hope I'll also be able to read the Nancy Drew book that was the basis of the movie where Emma and Max starred in but I don't think the library has it. 

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Menchie Anne said...

I almost watch tanging ina but my friend watched daaw.. so scary.. :)

sHeRrY said...

@Menchie Anne: you and your friend watched dalaw? wow it must've been really scary because Kris' horror movies are really scary

CHEEN said...

ee. until now i havent watched tanging ina. tss. tss. so busy ee :)

melle lee said...

I followed the link in your old site and wow.. i saw that it seems like you've got a new site now.. haha its sooo pink and its sooo cute

hmmm that movie seems funny.. haha the pictures itself says that it is indeed funny.. LOL

I miss reading nancy drew.. I have so much to read now and series to watch too.. LOL

sHeRrY said...

CHEEN: also busy with school? oh well that's too bad because Tanging Ina is a nice movie. I recommend it to you though yesterday while in the mall I saw that it was the last day in our mall well I don't really know if it's also the same in your mall or cinema center:]

melle lee: well, actually I didn't get a new site just a new url. It's pretty much the same layout with just that I changed layout now that it's gonna be inactive forever^^, I still had to retain my previous url so that I can't use it to redirect my visitors to my new url since some aren't aware yet of this new url of mine^^, yea indeed the movie was very funny as seen in the poster there^^, gosh! Nancy Drew has a series? where can I watch? who stars in it, emma roberts?

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