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Saturday, January 22, 2011

ஓperiodical tests:day2ஓ

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My 3rd periodical tests were officially over yesterday^^, Rejoice!  I'm so glad it's all over because sometimes studying is just not my thing especially when I have a runny nose! Yup it's still here to stay, it's been 3 terrible days if you ask me!

The 2nd day of the periodical tests was the worst!! I did really bad at Chemistry yesterday but my TLE was worse also the same with my CL last Thursday...T_T Chemistry was easy it's just that it was so long and had many computation that I missed a lot of numbers:[ laptop:low-bat..lemme just get my charger..k now I've got it plugged in But CL and TLE was worse:[[ CL had bad English and I wasn't able to study for TLE because there was just too many subjects, I mean I had to study 4 subjects in just one afternoon? The time is just not enough now that the school has change the test schedules and I much prefer last semester's schedule. And also I wasn't able to study for TLE because I didn't want to since I didn't like my notes because my teacher had very boring discussions! lately my dad's been addicted to Facebook..oh no it started raining..I just hope my internet signal doesn't also drop like the's been raining lately but ugh I know I love the rain but I think it's the reason for my runny nose I guess I'm just not cut out to be a chemist, nun or a baker. heheh..reminiscing the time well, actually just recently a few days ago when I practiced my TLE project at home and it was a disaster how my cookie got burnt^^p Maybe that's also the reason why I wanna be a pediatrician? Or I think I just love kids maybe because I'm an only child.

Anyways, my favorite subjects during the periodical tests were Social Studies, Geometry, Trigonometry and English because I think I did good in them and I thought they were easy. Well, I'll just let Monday confirm to me that I really did good on those subjects. I hope I'll get excellent results this Monday..fingers-crossed:] 
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nekomiou said...

Thanks for the comment~ the dusty place is my blog~ ^^

I don't really like chemistry. Just glad I don't learn it anymore. But I don't know anymore what my favourite subject~

Good luck in the result. ^^

sHeRrY said...

nekomiou: what grade are you now?

.Thequeens said...

I just love the words;


sHeRrY said...

diyana: never heard of it before?

Self-Taught said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, tell me did you get your banner yet, please send me ones through my comments I'll add it on my favs.

sHeRrY said...

Self-Taught: what do you mean banner? my site banner? no I'm not planning on getting one:]

jessa said...

exams are the worst! good for you, they're over..
i still have my midterms this week... i hope i do well.. :|

sHeRrY said...

jessa: really wish you alotta god luckkkkkk:]BTW what's before midterms again? you know midterms, semi then finals.. are you in college already?

eMiLy ChAnG said...

Hey! Glad that your test is over! ;)

sHeRrY said...

emily: yea me too and good thing the results were good:]

Angel said...

Whoa. Now All The High School Stress Is Coming Back To Me Now~! LOLSZ~! XXDD

sHeRrY said...

@angel: yea me too my schedule kinda got more hectic now that it's the 4th quarter. Now, I think I'd have to wait 'til school vacay to watch a lot of Kdrama:[

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