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Saturday, January 29, 2011

。◕‿◕。,yogi bear。◕‿◕。

Despite my hectic school schedule that I can't reply my tags right away I'm gonna reply some now hopefully all I still was able to watch Yogi Bear yesterday with my cousin:]
 my points of views
So it all starts with Yogi bear(voiced by Dan Aykroyd), a bear who steals people's lunches at Jellystone park which is headed by ranger Smith together with ranger Jones. One day, this movie lady named Rachel who is also ranger Smith's love interest wanted to make a documentary of Jellystone park so she went to Jellystone park, got ranger Smith's approval and asked Boo Boo(voiced by Justin Timberlake), Yogi bear's friend if she could plant a camera in his bow tie. After Rachel started her documentary the visitation of the city mayor followed. Now this city mayor is the corrupt type who used up all the city's money and resources for his own benefits that he planned to sell up all the trees in Jellystone park for money and give the remaining amount of money which would be $1000 check to every citizen in the city to fix the financial crisis that he created for the city. So he went to Jellystone park and informed ranger Smith that Jellystone park would be closed down because as his secretary said that according to the law anything that loses money or wastes the city budget can be closed down though ranger Smith contradicted that it can't be closed down because it's the city's protected historical place(something like that). But ranger Smith really contradicted that the place can really make money because people like to visit mother nature but mayor just laughed him off and challenged him to raise a big amount of money in just a week to save Jellystone and ranger Smith accepted the challenge. Later that night, ranger Smith told Rachel the whole thing and felt kinda hopeless. During their conversation Yogi bear suddenly showed up annoying ranger Smith but gave Rachel an idea to held a centennial festival at Jellystone park which ranger Smith also agreed to but also warned Yogi bear to stop stealing the visitor's lunches and stay out of the event. But somehow ranger Jones told mayor the plan and the mayor got pissed off that he planned to trick ranger Jones into being with him into ruining the festival so that ranger Jones can have ranger Smith's position and ranger Smith would be relocated to another park and ranger Jones did agree to the sinister plan. The festival was going on well 'til ranger Jones lured Yogi bear who was tied to a tree(Yogi bear was willing to stay out of it and requested Boo Boo to handcuff him to the tree) to come out for the event needed him. So he went out and did a show while ranger Smith was going nuts getting worried of his performance though it was going well 'til Yogi's cape which was on fire triggered the fireworks. At first, the audience were amazed at the fireworks 'til they stampede out of the park for the fireworks went burning down the event place. So the mayor closed down the placed, relocated ranger Smith to a very very tiny park called Evergreen, gave ranger Jones ranger Smith's position and started his logging operation. Also after the failed centennial event ranger Smith also gave up with Rachel for he thought Rachel just like Jellystone park deserved a better man and Yogi bear also decided to be just like an ordinary bear after being scolded by ranger Smith for what happened. But Yogi resumed to his old smart self when Boo Boo discovered lots of tree stumps in the park. So together Yogi and Boo Boo got ranger Smith back from Evergreen park and together they headed to Jellystone park meeting up with Rachel who was convincing the secretary to let her talk to the mayor for she saw in Boo Boo's hidden camera that there was an exotic, one of a kind frog turtle so therefore according to the law the park shouldn't be closed down because it was the home to an endangered specie. Once the mayor heard of this from his secretary he ordered at once ranger Jones to capture the frog turtle for he will shelter it in the city zoo where in fact he'll just give it to his secretary to dispose of. Ranger Jones got the frog turtle first but Yogi bear got it back also with ranger Jones' help. After getting the frog turtle back stupid Yogi bear got them all in a raging river with a falls at the end but a big sturdy tree branch save their lives and after the crazy adventure ranger Jones drove them to the mayor's press conference about giving every citizen $1000 check each which also showed his governor campaign video which was half-way replaced by Yogi and Boo Boo with the video revealing the mayor's true colors and about the turtle frog. So it all ends with a happy one leaving the mayor ruined with Jellystone back to normal with more visitors together with Yogi, Boo Boo, ranger Jones, ranger Smith and his new girlfriend Rachel.

my comment(do read)
Though all that was long to read, it was actually quite short for me to remember all and blog it all down. My plot may seem quite interesting but actually I thought Yogi Bear was very boring and it so didn't impress me maybe because it's really for kids 10 years below. But though I thought it was boring I really recommend it to kids! It's entertaining and cute for kids 8 yrs below. I watched this kid movie with my cousin yesterday because I thought it'd be less childish but I was wrong and I kinda regret a little but still it was worth the price for it had a cute factor. So parents do watch this together with your toddlers:] 

Next week I'm gonna watch "Tangled" together with my friends from school on Friday because the premier date here in the Philippines for it is unfortunately on February 2, 2011 Wednesday. I know it has a long interval from all the other countries which premiered only last year and the premier date is also like Korea which is very long because Korea I think prioritizes Korean movies first so maybe that's why their premier date for international movies is usually last from all the other countries. Anyways, I do hope nothing comes up just like what happened with "Yogi Bear" which we were going to watch together because I really would like to watch "Tangled" for it had a hilarious trailer.
Laughter is the best medicine:]

5 intrigued?:

sHeRrY said...

In the poster, it should be "Do feed the bears or they'll steal your food"

bbtoo said...

Oh this movie is one of my list to watch. How was it?

sHeRrY said...

bbtoo: just read the post if you wanna know what I thought of it:]

eMiLy ChAnG said...

I wanna watch Yogi Bear!



sHeRrY said...

Emily: hmmm.. I don't really recommend Yogi Bear much for it's too childish and yea we were going to watch Tangled today but something came up which didn't actually happen but don't worry me and my friends will be watching Tangled this coming Sunday:]

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