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Thursday, December 9, 2010

ஓNancy Drewஓ

So this is Nancy Drew:Framed(For more info bout the book just Google it). All I can say is that as usual Carolyn Keene didn't disappoint me again!(I just hope I didn't disappoint her because I'm not sure with her name's spelling). I had this with me for 1 week but my reading duration was 3 hours. Finally I finished reading this just today after lunch at school. And after dismissal I returned this Nancy Drew book to the rightful owner which is the library, I had to return it today or else I'd get a fine if I return it tomorrow since today was the return date. So it all started when I was a freshman when our English subject teacher required that for our clearance paper to be signed we had to at least borrow 20 books from the library. So I did and all our boring library had as the most interesting fiction book for me was the "Nancy Drew" series. So I kept borrowing it and I like it!
That's all, Good night! 16 more days to go 'til Christmas^_^ 

4 intrigued?:

Angel.S said...


sHeRrY said...

@Angel.S: have you also read a Nancy Drew book before?

Angel.S said...

@sHeRrY Hmmm, I Have Heard Of Them, But I Was About To Borrow One From A Friend, But Another Friend Borrowed Her Book~!!

sHeRrY said...

@angel: oh ok^^, don't worry i know that someday you'll be able to borrow the book:]

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