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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

。◕‿◕。2movies in 1day。◕‿◕。

Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D
After going to school for the whole morning for the Immaculate Concepcion mass and HSS days practice, I went to the cinemas together with 2 of my classmates and a sister of my classmate to watch Narnia 3. The effects were so cool!

After the movie, we went to the mall's arcade which is called "Time Zone". I was the one who paid for 2 games of air hockey, my fave arcade game:]
My Amnesia Girl
At 4:30pm I went to a another mall together with my 2 cousins to watch this. It has a good plot but I just didn't feel like watching this genre so honestly, I didn't like it and I kinda regret watching it in the cinemas because I just thought that it wasn't that worth it and twas better if I'll rent the DVD. But it wasn't all bad since I also liked the friendships and cheesy jokes I saw and learned:]

Read this!
My Amnesia Girl(wikipedia):click here

4 intrigued?:

Menchie Anne said...

I want to watch My Amnesia Girl.. But don't have no time going to mall.. :(
So busy in school..

Mei said...

aww movies time. haha
i wish i could also watch more movies when i have time.. maybe on christmas vacation :P

nekomiou said...

Narnia~!!! lol~ I don't even watch the 2nd one yet. ^^

2 movies in a day. Spend more than 4 hours there.

sHeRrY said...

@Menchie Anne: yea me also but I found time yesterday^^, Really honestly I think my last movie was New Moon 3D? last August? because I got so busy since school started:]

@Mei: yea I 'm so excited for Christmas!!!

@nekomiou: you should!

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