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Sunday, January 10, 2010

ஓstuck wid STUPID thesisஓ


Like I said I had to start it sooner or later...
I picked later && now I'm kinda behind sched bcoz the deadline is unfortunately this month..T_T
Why did I never start it last year?(specifically December)
I guess it was bcoz I figured out that researching for a thesis online wud be ezzy pzzy^^,
but guess wat! 

trying my luck:
anyone out there willing to help me?
I just need a thesis in the filipino language^^]P
(dnt think its ever gonna work^^[)

Off for now(")^.^(") 
 Gotta research online for a lame filipino thesis^^<

 Did I mention before how much I dislike the subject filipino? I know, how not so nationalistic me.. I love Philippines^^, meaning evrything except the language.. I can speak it but give me some slack I was in europe for 3 yrs:] Speaking of Philippines I dropped by a blog that I got from DK's blog && it sooo totally irritated me:[] bcoz it was mocking my beloved Philippines[!@#$%^&*(!)](means nothing its just the value of my annoyed meter) I'd post the link up here but I was sooo insulted that I cudnt give a damn about the STUPID blog..*P!SSED off*


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