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Friday, January 22, 2010



Thank God it's friday!

Thesis is not the reason for my 2wks absence(:actually I alrd have thesis:) 
Since Tuesday I've been studying for 3rd periodical test(Jan19-22)^^,
&&I think I did good:] 
can't wait for my result in Math(intermediate algebra) bcoz I really studied for it^^,
but when I answered the test paper in front of me last wednesday i wasnt so sure on my answer on the last problem.. o well:)
It's all up to monday...

Just this evening I heard that our neigborhood team was having a basketball match against 'duncare'.. &&that means u noe hu is sure to watch..MR. NEIGHBORHOOD!!!(codname 4 crush!)
My dad was like let's watch && I was like dun feel like it (carried on wid farmvil) since i just got back from 3day periodical test^^[
just missed the chance]"n[... (regretting @ d same time not?sucha weirdo!) 

BIG REVELATION: not sure who my crush is... bcoz mr. neighborhood has look-alikes.. his cousin(not sure from which uncle of his)&&dunno about his siblings.. its confusing bcoz i thot that my maid's friend is his maid(codname: neighborhoodmaid) then my maid says that neighborhoodmaid's master is the chubby look-alike of mr.neighboorhood && there are only 2 of them, chubby&&a girl... i also thot before that mr.neighborhood had 3 siblings but now im not sure:[
so far there are 3/4? humans who are look-alikes.. one of them is mr. neighborhood.. i'm sure the tall one, older than me(about in college) is not him&&also neigborhoodmaid's master mr.chubby... so that's 2 out && the problem is im not sure if there are only 2 more to go...
haix... my delimma^^[
anyways, doesnt matter.. @ least i noe he exists:]

I Lve it how i melt whenever i gaze to those dreamy eyes of h!s... _♥


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