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Sunday, January 10, 2010

。◕‿◕。pimple day。◕‿◕。


yea, I woke up wid a pimpl && it's pimple day^^[
watta bummer..=[

That's not all wat i mean..
it's also such a pimple day bcoz i have to start na wid my THESIS(i told u alrd dat d language has to b filipino!)

 all that i made some problems i had wid blog editing yesterday work already^^,
Yey! Go me^^>

 hmmm... wat did happen last night?
well, of course it's not something inappropriate:P
Remember Mr. Neighborhood(codname 4 crush!)?
Well... my hunch was right about me seeing him xP
&& either his bro/cuz playing for our neighborhood team...
&& actually i rooted for the opponent to win bcoz they were my previous neighborhood && bcoz of my cuz:)
unfortunately our neighborhood team won:]
(jejej..sooo random right?)


 since its sunday && I'm a catholic..
I convinced my dad that we shud just go to mass at our local church && not at the cathedral(located @ center of the city) bcoz I needed to hurry home all bcoz of that STUPID filipino thesis ^^<
&& to our luck we were late && had to stand outside for awhile bcoz we were shy to go in when everyone were all sitting so we just waited 'til everyone stood up && we can silently go in...
wait.. I spotted HIM!
Mr. Neighborhhood...<3
Sorry God I know I shud be more focusing on you^^p

ps. i hate it when photobucket pics dnt work anymore:(




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