The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. —Oscar Wilde

Saturday, January 9, 2010



- linked to my youtube channel under 'layf'
- changed those expansion script thingys.. can b found under 'mwah' 'paperclips' 'layf'
- updated 'stuff' in the nav bar

worry moment
why shud there be any worries?
well, its bcoz the whole day all i did was nothing but editing my blog
&&no progress in the the thesis meter :[
im soo dead+_+


back to the title...

 Why love is basketball?
well, its bcoz a few hours from now I'll be watchen a basketball game..
Wads the big deal?
I just heard from my cuz who's a b-player that they're gonna be goin against our community group's team..(community groups are based on location..also called neighborhood)
&&so there might b a chance that i'll b able to see my crush bcoz we're on the same neighborhood&& i think his older bro is playing for our neighborhood team...
sooo xcited..xD

I Lve it how i melt whenever i gaze to those dreamy eyes of h!s... _♥

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