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Friday, January 8, 2010


 *Bad news*
DeAd LiNkS
i deleted the link to our school website bcoz somehow the short link is dead(dats all no biggee!)

1. Some paperclips have inactive pix like pinkish-doll&&^^,
but iv alrd fixd pinkish-doll just not theroyalsqueen yet.
2. Gosh! I have alotta schoolwork to do:[
- Filipino thesis
- make an infomercial about communication
(actually wer a group in here but more presure on me bcoz Im the most responsible one&&stil mor presure bcoz the whole clas is counting on our group bcoz its a clas project but only a few are chosen to really work on it ) 
- make a video report on Saudi Arabia 
(less worries bcoz my group is the last to present but theres only 2 mor groups to go then its us..uhhh! plus Im the compgeek in the group so I guess theyll b dumping all the videditing stuff on me.. plus I guess i also hav to reserch about Saudi since Im the leader&&I dnt think they cud care mor about it)
3. I missed watching a basketball game(2 lazy to tel the reason^^p)

So I guess that's all the bad news? no wait! classes starts again in 2days:[

*!Good News!*

ஓApEeE NEW yEaRஓ
even though its alrd 8 days after^.^

I'm still alive.. Yeepee!
After dinner I had a chat wid mom&&I dun mean personal^^, I mean online(skype)
Usually Im kinda not in d mood to do so bcoz its like everyday we chat but I made today an exception bcoz I have to admit I alrd mis her(its been like7 mnths alrd)..
Why do we chat online? well, its bcoz shes still in Ireland..(My parents are NOT divorced!its just that I prefer Philippines so my dad accompanied me here^.^)
Our chat was about me&&my upcoming laptop
(I dun have a laptop yet bcoz theres still my desktop but I dun like it anymore bcoz I noe its flatscreen but I much prefer handy cute pink laptops)
I'm soooo XCITED..
I'm goin for only pink SONY VAIO
CW series if ever mom goes to USA this yr($910/PHP72000)
W series f not(PHP29000)(prices are not exact)
I love the features&&im not gonna specify but its gonna b preinstalled wid Windows7^.^  

new crush for me biatches(inspired by wild child)^^ppp
I get sooo incandescently(inspired by pride&&prejudice) happy just thinking about him^^,
I often post in facebook this quote:

I Lve it how i melt whenever i gaze to those dreamy eyes of h!s... _♥


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