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Friday, September 18, 2009



 Yea! juz today during the morning assembly after so many patience for waiting so long for the most awaited postponed twice alrd HSS intramurals09 results announcement was finally given^^

But before I blurt out to u the results, I'm gonna reminisce all the things that happened during the 3 day intrams since I wasnt able to post it last wk since I was dead tired^^/

Well, as usual the intrams always opens wid the traditional HSS parade to kinda energize us all wid the walking...(sooo not good bcoz my feet wer like killing me wen I was about half way bcoz I had to practice for cheer dance like TORTURE..NOTE: cheer dance-my yr I think I'll b joining Table Tennis&&Tunog Tao __Y 'Tunog Tao'? I'm gonna tell u later).. then comes the banner raising&&lemme tell u how disappointed I was wid the banner raising bcoz family 'Charity'(the family wer I belong) was the last to raise the banner bcoz their was a lil bit of misunderstanding from the other 3 families..specifically bcoz of miss-communication that kinda led them to b cheaters(not fully.. like I said 'kinda') bcoz they thot that the banner was to b alrd tied to the rope&&the message that Charity got from Ms Talili was not to tie it yet so that's y Charity got delayed in the flag raising^^/ But even though that was a lil disappointing it kinda triggered me to really do well in cheer dancing(")m-m(")..JiAyO!加油!

On day 1 we had to present our cheer dance twice before every game&& that day we presented the BEST in the Volleyball court but TERRIBLY in the basketball court.. bcoz I mean goshness! I committed a couple of mistakes bcoz of HIM^^, I was like sooo dead scarlet&&I'm pretty sure everyone was too but despite the bad performance the other cheerleaders of the other team was worse(heheh...)....then the day ended wid a flag retreat^.^

The next day same old routine watch basketball games in basketball court, baseball in the diamond field&&volleyball/badminton of cors in the volleyball/badminton court in the pentagon(the place wer assemblies are usually held since its very spacious)^^, we had to cheer again for volleyball&&wen we wer about to present for basketball it was too late bcoz the game alrd started( about lousy cheerleaders..but that's wad we are^^, we'll always b fashionably late^^p) &&it was such our(me+friends) luck how we wernt able to sit so we just had to stand at the side while leaning on a wall^^/ heheh.. I'll post the pics that we took later... After having enough of standing we decided to go back to the classroom instead&&there we resumed our weirdoness by taking stolen pics( hilarious:D __My other classmates never knew wad hit them..I'm gonna uplod them in friendstr&&multiply..slideshow later)..huhuh I was pitiful(&&also my friends) that time bcoz even though I had fun in taking funny stolen pix at the same time I was suffering from sore legs^^/ then day ended wid a flag retreat^.^
&&straightly wen I got home I ddnt hesitate to get an ice pack&&then ooze the pain down lying lousily on the couch.. heheh dont blame me for waking up @ 9pm&&finding myself on the couch craving for food bcoz I was REALLY VERY DEAD TIRED then that I cudnt even b bothered to feed my stomach so my housemaid forgave me&&juz served me up some food.. How nice of her right&&O I forgot she was the one who gave me an icepack(really TY!)

Me&&my icepack

promise it really hurt like HELL!
Listen to family Charity's 'tunog tao' practice

Tunog Tao-human sound.. a contest wer u are only suppose to produce sound wid only human body parts so that's y I entitle this 'Purely Human Sound:]' The reason y I'm gonna join it nex yr is bcoz it needsless effort unlike cheerleading&&I LOVE singing^_^

Juz watch this.. It's FUN!

no coment.. but it kinda seems like there's a ghost pulling the garter right?Hahah so funny my friends in d background is fixing her jeans^^p The other one wearing black tee is called jeanne

On the 3rd day! Sooooo MEGA SHOCKING! The contest day! for our family's HipHop contest me&&my friends helped wid the props.. Others helped wid the costume &&some wid the props(I belong there) I had a part in holding up a big black cloth for the dance entrance^.^ Yey! Go me&&company^^!
Flamente Tierra Angeles

Yep! That's me(+friends) holding up that big black cloth up there.. ARGH! I hate it how the video quality is bad but wen ur actually there u'll b able to see their dance steps clearly&&coment that it's really cool:]

 O yea.. BTW Charity's intrams name is 'Flamente Tierra Angeles'
Shocking Faith HipHop entrance 
Whoa!  ddnt see dat coming ddntche? U shudve seen my face at that time^^, I was DEFINITELY SUPER SHOX wid a hand covering mouth effect^^! &&wen the vehicle stopped after knowing it lost its passengers, not knowing that there was still a dancer trying to recover&&stand up at the back the driver decided to reverse but failed to run over the dancer^^PHEW! Actually Faith was suppose to present before Charity but bcoz of the accident that left minor physical injuries on the dancers they gave way to Charity to present first so that Faith HipHop dancers cud recover a lil bit^^..

Notice how the font is back to normal size... well, its bcoz I'm done wid the intrams stuff&&now to the results... well, now since that I'm kinda tired I'll cut to the chase...
Charity had 10 champions/1st ranks&&5 loses/4th ranks..The 2nd&&3rd ranks, heheh..sorry I dun give a damn about them^^.. 

Like I said Faith had an accident but I really had to say that they really deserved to win not bcoz of the accident but bcoz wen I saw them dance again today I was really impressd(I wasnt able to wach last wk since right after I helped the hiphop dancers wid their props during the dance I went straight home)... They wer asked to perform their hiphop dance again right after it was announced that they won the hiphop contest..&& right after the winner over all was announced..xD

                 It has been known that Faith is usually the one who wins over all but just last wk hardworking players who really strive hard to change history by having fun playing RIGHT&&JUST && it was announced this morning during assembly after medals&&certificates wer given before hiphop dancers danced again that FLAMENTE TIERRA ANGELES [CHARITY] really changed all that!

In other words DUH! of corz FLAMENTE TIERRA ANGELES won!

I recommend u to click the stop button&&juz navigate left/right by using the left/right buttons so that u'll b able to read the title of the photo^^, u wudnt b able to see the stop buttons right away bcoz its like a hover thing so put the mouse over the box&&juz wait for a sec until the buttons show up^^

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