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Monday, August 31, 2009


Notice the date up there? I noe, it may seem that I had a typo error but no... Honestly, I post this today(9/13/9)but originally I created the pictures(that I will b posting later on below *v*v*)  a very long time ago && that is last month^^, so that's why the date up there is last month:] Now that I'm done explaining the thing about the date I will b now posting the pix(plural right? bcoz that day I had the energy to create 2 pix^^Yey! go me :P)
My 2nd animation ever in my layf*v*v*
 Heheh... sorry everyone my 2nd creation is kinda only for personal use&&not for the public...

My 3rd ever animation  in my layf*v*v*
is truly for the public :]
Hope also that other people will understand that 'Esc' is the comp term for 'ESCAPE'...
like I said truly for the public so here's the url:

*Right click is disabled* 
So CTRL+C is the remedy^^

1 intrigued?:

sHeRrY said...

PLz tell me wad u think about the pix... so that i'll noe wad to improve^^

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