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Sunday, September 27, 2009

ღbusy busy meeeღ

 Educational Tour
 Our class went on an educational tour last Sept 24 Thurs but I'm only able to post now bcoz i've bcome sooo busy&&tired...
Anyways I really had a lotta fun last thurs we went to different places here in the province of Bohol(Philippines^>^)... 
Those tourist spots are towns of Maribojoc- to see Samantha the python&&puntacross, Loon -see the church there&&some of my classmates invaded our adviser's house bcoz Loon's her hometown, Carmen-Sagbayan Peak(this year^^,last yr we went to choc hills), Danao-the clas had their lunch in my classmates house&&we went to Danao nature park after but me&&some of my friends juz remained in the bus bcoz there was a lil bit of drizzle&&before the drizzle there was rain&&our section was able to witness the other sections getting soaked(heheh..that was such lucky day for them^^P), I forgot the name of the town but in that place we went to a butterfly dome(wer it was boring for me bcoz ive been there last year&&it was pretty much the same old butterflies but I have to admit though there wer some changes)&& I bought this cookies&cream ice cream made out of butterfly?well, not exactly pure butterfly, just that it was cookies&cream wid butterfly in it&&lemme tell ye how it tasted..... HORRIBLE! At first I was like 'o not bad' but wen I bit the butterfly 'Yuck!Eww!butterfly bitter..bitterfly!!!' *spitted it out*, then we proceeded to Sevilla-to bravely cross the hanging bridge&&see the guy who peels coconut wid his teeth... Sooo AMAZING dude..actually the guy said he is from Davao but who cares he is in Bohol now^^p
End of story...
Now I'm juz really bombed that after the tour is the unawaited torture of doing the education tour output project^^/... Even though its by sub rt(a group) I'm the leader soo its more tiring&&im the one who encodes&&we have to do a different output for every subject about the tour&&of cors I hav to take in 2 subjects since I'm the leader... O I noe u might not understand much but just 
Wish Me Luck! 

 New domain
As u have noticed under the credits my new domain is
I'm sooo happy that after the long wait the site's maintenance is finally over soo I was able to register another account in^^,
my other site in is
I noe this site is pretty much amateur bcoz this was my first time being oriented to codes&&wadsoever&&I noe I shud juz dlet it but let me juz leave it as a remembrance^^p

Report on Singapore
yea double the work ,ed tor output+report on Singapore... Actually music project is suppose to b also up there but its a group project..wad a relief&&I'm the leader again..ARGH!!! but my group member volunteer to handle it since she noes that I kinda am juggling a lotta stuff currently(how nice of her..) &&also I'm suppose to b studying for a Math test 2mrw too..SHOX!Radicals!..noseBLEEDS!!!
But lemme do this Singapore report first^^
Wish Me Luck in my layf^.^

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