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Thursday, October 15, 2009

★Finally, I'm FREE★

Finally, Thank God I'm sooo like not that busy anymore wid projects^^, so now I have the time to update my bLoG^.^

I'm sooo relieved that my group already submitted the newsletter we wer suppose to make today...Yea! no more worries for me:] 

I mean my group dumped most of the work on me^^/ but during lunch we all wer together in getting the newsletter printed in the mall.. Anyways, I dun mind that much in doing all the work in that project bcoz (not that I'm boasting but...) the output was uhmm... lemme say 'cReAtiVe' &&bcoz I'm kinda the best in my class when it comes to computer designing stuff^^p I really enjoy webdesigning/just stuff about computer designing&&mayb thats the reason why my outputs are good:]

All my worries now is getting the determination in starting another newsletter project..Nurp! not another issue from the newsletter my group just recently passed but its part of the ed tour output specifically in computer that is suppose to b done again by group && unfortunately my subrtgroup.. (You see our class has RTs'responsible teams'..wer alrd groupd so that teachers wudnt b wasting time in grouping the class so our school implements RTs&&the RT will also b divided sometimes in to subRT&&I hate my current subrt bcoz I'm the only one who cares about the academics^^/ the others? well, lets juz say I hate getting stuck wid HAPPY-GO-LUCKIES) tiring how we (no, correction: I) have to do another newsletter... its like agony in the garden(according to my teacher... its wad she always says during rough times) bcoz a newsletter work input is like the same wid redoing the ed tour output for all the other projects which I'm actually not worrying on about that anymore since I alrd passed it.. Yey! but still how frustrating that its still not 100% complete all bcoz of that DAMN ed tour newsleter in computer^^/ Honestly, I dun have any plans yet in starting..^^p I wanna try partnering wid my classmate into convincing our teacher to juz cancel that project...jejej

remember wen I said something about the teacher who says 'agony in the garden'.. well, shes our Filipino teacher&&I hate her bcoz I dun understand her shes one of thos people who makes my highschoo life miserable^^/ &&I dun get it how I still manage to get a good grade in her subject even though I dun understand a single word she says bcoz I'm kinda poor in tagalog(filipino language) since u noe I lived in another english country for 3 yrs. Anyways, (UGH!) this coming monday nex wk shes gonna make us present impromptly(talumpati)..=_=

Despite all that, I'm happy about the new RT groupings^^,
From RT1-RT4...
its been the first time iv been n RT4.. iv also never been in RT2&3..BTW numbers dun mean a thing like all smart belong to RT1... nurp~shnot like tat^^
huhuh..T_T gonna miss *RT1*...for me we wer the best RT for 1st&2nd quarter^^,
&&hello to *RT4*
HMph! I'd also be more excited about the new RT groupings if he'd also b in the same RT as me^^p But NOoooOo... our class adviser had to b mean^^/
Anyways, fine! I mean bcoz sometimes I can't concentrate bcoz of him....*<3(m-m)<3*

OMG! Wo de Wang Zi!!!!!!!!!!!

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sHeRrY said...

Gosh! I can't blieve here wen I said it's sooo annoying to make another newsletter but look at me now... REALLY FINALLY DONE wid the 2nd quarter projects^.^

I dun care if I did bad in the talumpati but at least I'm over it^^p

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