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Friday, August 21, 2009

ஐ愛ღWo De Wang Ziღ愛ஐ

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Mommy&&Daddy once said "DONT PLAY WID YE FOOD!"
But boy do i listen? No, instead yesterday mwnen I created a chocolate hill out of my leftover rice&&corned beef...v*v*v

Heheh...playing wid food thingy kinda reminded me of the funny episode of Twisted Whiskers I watched last night... It's actually the 1st episode I've watched fully bcoz of my beee-siii school sched... Anyways, I'm not yet sooo familiar wid the characters but there was an evil bunny(which I initially thot was a cat at first)&&a protective dog... why protective? bcoz the dog was protecting the garden of vegetables(carrots,cabbage&&etc...) from the evil bunny who was trying to steal them... It was sooo totally EXAGGERATED! there was a bunch of catapulting of vegetables here&&there... It was WAR! Later on I finally realized that it was actually a cute bunny instead of a big-headed evil cat... Actually the bunny ate something that made him/her evil&&look horrible^^ Like I said it was totally exaggerated bcoz the owner of the dog was watching something wid the new home cinema TV&&DVD that he had just bought thought that his appliance was REALLY MAGNIFICENT bcoz the sound effects wer sooo realistic but in reality it was juz the effect of the war going on between the dog&&bunny in the backyard.. He said"MAGNIFICENT! surround sounds are like it's coming from your own backyard "...

U can say "Whoa! so much leftover" right? wwwell, its bcoz I had to eat alotta bcoz after a BIG breakfast my school is going to go on a pilgrimage from HSS campus to Dauis parish church..((If u can't relate bcoz u ain't from the same country as me juz think of it as going around DISNEYWORLD maybe?&&of corz walking..DUH!))..SHOX! soo tiring I mean from one town to another&&purely walking?! I'm glad I survived jejej...I'm like sooo overreacting right? Anyways, well DUH!!! Of corz I'm gonna survive I mean I survived last yr sooo wad makes me think that I wont survive this year...

I noe I'm not suppose to be complaining___My dad goes"How can u say that? Don't u noe that a pilgrimage means sacrificing bcoz it really proves that a person is really determine in praying??"..In other words wad my dad means is that he's sooo religious&&just don't complain bcoz it's for God...
(God I'm really sorry but...) It was like HELL!!! I don't think there was not a single feet from our class that wasn't sore afterwards&&it was DAMN SCORCHING HOT!!! It was like a revenge/punishment of the school to us for the times we disobeyed them or sumthing^^/

!!!There's always a bright side!!!
  1. No class
  2. From waking up @ 3AM at least it was worth it bcoz we only had to be wid our class for 5hrs...I mean from assembly time 5:30am to 10am
  3. &&I can't count all the bUtTeRfLiEs that my stomach had for my crush is really soooo CUTE^^......~~~~~~~~~~~~so KiLiGzZz
wO De WaNgZi....chinese_mandarin
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