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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

✿我愛Ms NG✿


Yo It's been a week since my last post!
&&now I've got some free time&&I'm back^^p
Heheh been busy lately...uhhhmmmm... practically doing nothing ((m-m))
been more on wid school&&stuff^^/
Actually it was a bomber that we had a class last Saturday to make up for this week since we're only gonna be in school for 2 days bcoz yesterday (Monday 8/17/9) we had no class bcoz the teachers had a seminar && on Thursday there's a pilgrimage(have to wake up @ 3:30am since the assembly time is 5:30am..SHOX!)&& on Friday its a national holiday(i think) Ninoy Aquino's day(again...i think)+^_^+
Like I said I hated it that we had to have class last Saturday but then again I understand..ok? so during the last period of school I was damn excited to buy this Taiwanese drama DVD that has been currently showing in Philippines(juz last Monday 8/10/9).. && when school finally ended I was dying for I was alrd near to buying the DVD that I've always wanted(tooo EXAGGERATED!) then I was in front of it && I bought it... Wuhu! End of story^^p

Uhmmmm... so if ur interested && wanna look it up the picture up there has a DramaWiki link^^^
&& oh if we happen to be in the same school I can lend it to u... It's just that the only requirements u need is to be 100% human&&u have to be patient bcoz there's alrd 2 up in the line^v^__________

&& like OMG! the drama was like sooooooo <3romantic<3> were like sooo meant for each other...xD
WilNie was just like sooo CUTE^^, even though Rainie's obviously cutified voice(did it on purpose) kinda irritated me sometimes but still though hAo kAwAii^^p


  • Title: 不良笑花 / Pu Liang Hsiao Hua (Bu Liang Xiao Hua)
  • English title: Miss No Good
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Sep-07 to 2008-Dec-07
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30
  • Opening theme song: Xia Ri Feng (夏日瘋) Summer Craziness by Will Pan
  • Ending theme song: Dai Wo Zou (帶我走) Take Me Away by Rainie Yang
  • Insert songs: Tong Yi Ge Yi Han (同一個遺憾) The Same Regret by Will Pan
Tai Fan Nao (太煩惱) Too Confused by Rainie Yang


Xiao Hua (Rainie Yang), a bubbly Taiwanese girl has the style of something no one can name. Xiao Hua has no intentions of changing the way she looks and dresses until her elementary school classmate, Jia Si Le (Dean Fujioka) comes back from Japan. Jia Si Le is deeply in love with Xiao Hua, despite coming back to Taiwan for an arranged marriage with Jiang Mi (Chen Yan Yi). Jia Si Le does whatever he can to get Xiao Hua to be his girlfriend.

One day, Xiao Hua meets Tang Men (Wilber Pan), the famous, poison-tongued fashion verdict who happens to be Jia Si Le's best friend, when her motorcycle breaks down. The two share a taxi, only to argue over each other's sense of style, and Tang Men angrily storms out, unwittingly leaving an expensive pair of scissors behind. Later, Jia Si Le holds an elementary school reunion party and invites both Tang Men and Xiao Hua. Tang Men meets Jiang Mi, who tells him that she and Si Le gave each other one year to find their true loves before submitting to his parents' will for them to be married. Also, after being pushed into a swimming pool and being told by her former classmates that she has no sense of style, Xiao Hua decides she will change her image so as not to embarrass Si Le.

The next day, when Tang Men's assistant comes to Xiao Hua's shop to look for the lost pair of scissors, Xiao Hua decides to use them to blackmail Tang Men and get him to teach her how to be an upper-class woman. As Tang Men and Xiao Hua spend more time together, they slowly begin to realize their feelings for one another, though they initially deny them. Meanwhile, Jiang Mi, who is currently dating Tang Men, asks him to get close to Xiao Hua so that she can get Si Le back. Tang Men, who finds Xiao Hua annoying and loud, suddenly sees Xiao Hua's inner beauty and falls in love with Xiao Hua without even realizing it.

  • Xu Qiong Yun (許瓊云) as childhood Xiao Hua
  • Yan Sheng Yu (鄢勝宇) as younger Da Shu
  • Wen Ying (文英) as Granny Jiang 蔣阿嬷
  • Xi Man Ning (席曼寧)as Zhu Ya An 祝雅安
  • Sa Sa as younger Ya An
  • Tang Qi as Grandma Jia 賈奶奶
  • Shi Yuan Jie (是元介) as Dou Zi 豆子
  • Xiao Call (小Call) as JoJo
  • Denny Huang as Lai Rui Ke 賴瑞克
  • Jin Yu Lan as Tang Men's mother
  • Evonne Hsu as the Goddess


Wad I had for Today Tuesday bwikfash:

I call it sherryliciously#1 ^^p
heheh... its rice wid corned beef on top in the middle for nose&&on the side for eyes&&wadever^^, orange thingy its pork&&beans for the mouth ;3

Heheh... by the look of it of corz I drowned myself wid water afterwards^^, I noe it kinda looks yux... but at first I only had rice&&corned beef but i felt that it was too boring so I also mashed it up wid some pork&&beans hehheh^^, It actually doesnt taste bad yenoe^^
I'm soo good at garnishing right? I called it sherryliciously#1 bcoz I'm gonna be garnishing my food (more like playing wid it) more frequently from now on...I'm REALLY SORRY God^^, I durnt noe wad got over me...well, actually I got my boredom get over me^^p

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