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Monday, August 10, 2009



Honestly, first thing in the morning I wasn't really up to waking up^^p But I had to wake up HMPH!
Since it is Monday... So even though I still felt like spending some quality time wid my cute soft bed wid pink bed sheets&&duvet I had to get my lazyyy butt up&&on wid the showers&&say Hellloooo to Monday^^/

Anyways, when my butt was alrd at my school chair I was very nervous to noe my test paper result..First up was Math! && after taking peeks at the test papers in front of me for the whole mwnen I was able to generalize that my test results weren't actually that
HORRIBLE as I thought it wud be^^.. I noe my score in Bio wasn't a perfect score but at least it was a passing score&&I felt great when I found out by noeing the scores of some of my other classmates that my score was actually something to b contented for since it was a fair score^^ In Math my generalization was also the same&&also wid Filipino&&English.. I skipped Social Studies bcoz I was actually happy wid that subject since I was one of the highest in the summative tests&&even though my periodical test result wasn't the highest it was still a fair score:]

Usually when it comes to Bio my head usually hurts but I never knew that this day wud b different... Ur gonna noe l8r...

Then after lunch there comes the first subject in PM which was English Elective... Before I jot things down about the test results let me juz say that all the test results for the subject in the aftie were a lil bit under a fair score but still passing scores^^, Uhhh! Our teacher in Elective maybe sooo fluent in English but she may b a pain in the ass since she's an itsy-bitsy-tinee-wineee EVIL.. Anyways, since I'm tooo lazy I'm not gonna emphasize on how evil she is^^... I hate the outcome of the essay part in the Elective test&&I wasn't able to finish answering bcoz of the limited time&&sooo wid the English test.. I noe I said fair score but I kinda regretted for being slow in answering bcoz I wasnt able to finish a graphic organizer&&it wudve made my score much better&&I'm sooo sure bcoz I really noe the answer but bcoz of the time ..WadTheHeck!&&then there's also another evil teacher after Elective&&that's the TLEteacher I'm unfortunately stuck wid^^/ My test result was fair but still a lil regret since I didnt study for it&&I noe I can do much better but (again)..WADEVER!!! Like I said she's evil&&when she scolds us it's unreasonable! She was like "Fine! Go ahead talk...I was so nice to u all by providing u wid photocopies but now I think I change my mind&&as a reward u are all free to search the topics that were suppose to be found in the photocopies that I was gonna provide u for yourselves" Then the obvious walk out comes&& then I go in my head !Wadever! ur being unreasonable again... I mean I noe the class was a lil noisy&&it was hot but we were only a LITTLE noisy..Anybody cud take it but u noe she is after all FAT so she might've felt hot sooo easily^^p && then CL comes&&upon receiving my result my jaws were like really wide open! A second there I was all like disappointed but once I heard all the other scores the sadness written all over my face turned upside down^^
Now let's go back to that photocopy thing.. I noe we shud be all worried&&I was until school was over that our mayor found a way to solve the problem.. He got a photocopy from another section&&after that he went straight to the photocopying place across our school...&&that's where we met together wid some of my friends^^ Actually, I was juz wid a close friend then the gang kinda grew bigger(well, bigger as in only up to 5+me from 1+me)..&& I think the # of people I was wid was also one of the reason that while we were at the photocopying place I fainted right after I got back my balance from being accidentally shoved over by my friend's bag.. I thot I was gonna be ok when I prevented myself from falling upon being accidentally pushed by my friend but a few seconds after the stability I just directly went straight to a nearby parked motorbike(fainted).. My other friend(not the one who pushed) was all like 'I saw it..' but wad she meant was me almost about to lose my balance bcoz of my other friend who unknowingly hit me by her bag.. && it was all happening too fast that she thot that the cause of my fall unto the motorbike was my friend but the truth is that I actually fainted unto the motorbike.. && when my friend(accidentally push&&close friend) notice what she has done she apologetically hugged me after getting up from the fall... But they never knew that I was actually lil by lil gaining stability/strength from the 3 second hug... so we normally crossed the road leaving some friends behind the photocopying place after we talked some things out about the TLEphotocopy issue... I walked normally not making it obvious to my close friend(even though she accidentally push me we still were accompanying each other in crossing the road since we were close) that my foot actually hurts.. My close friend together wid some board mates left first leaving me behind settled in a bench while waiting for my dad to fetch me&&in the process I also kept rubbing my feet&& that's how I knew that I actually kinda sprained my ankle^^/ But I don't blame her since it wasn't entirely her fault^^, It was bcoz I fainted right after she accidentally push me unto the motorbike that left a sprained ankle on me... So the headaches that I've had since Bio actually explains all from the faint to the sprained ankle.. The bag pushing must've kinda triggered me to be weak&&faint bcoz of the terrible headache I was suffering from the whole day^^/

My headache kinda cooled off before I started blogging since once we got home my dad fired me up wid Biogesic(sumthing for headaches).. But it still kinda aches but not as much when I fainted^^
So wad a great way to start the week right??? But I think this sprain thing is gonna wear off 2mrw..Hopefully^_^
*nervous* I wonder how my PE test result is gonna go 2mrw...

My expression for the whole day..v*v*v

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