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Sunday, August 9, 2009

★21 Guns★


yea 21 guns wad a weird title right?? U wanna noe why?? well, I'm sure if u dont want to ur gonna noe anyways^^p

Haix...(deep breath) I really dun noe how I'm gonna take it 2mrw bcoz I really am sure that I really did bad at it... IMO I might've flunked it all..T_T
It's really like 21guns laid down my heart..well, more like a NUCLEAR BOMB juz exploded down there...
That was the WORST exams I have taken ever in my whole layf! Talk about my scores in PE&&Bio, I'm sure my chances of getting a passing score are all down the drain..
&& I can't really blame myself for it bcoz if u are given a chance to b taught by my Bio teacher I'm sure u'd b all like...HUH?! I mean no one can understand a single letter she's blabbing about&&wads worst is that she thinks so HIGHLY of herself, she thinks all she's saying makes sense, she makes Bio really a BURDEN to us!!! It's like shes from another planet?(Hope she wont EVER read this^^)My teacher in PE is fine, shes not like the previous PE teacher in 1st yr who really wants us to prioritize PE? well, she had a point that we shudnt take a minor subject for granted but she was taking it to the very STRICT extent that was way too OVER! Anyways, now let's go back to the present.. yea she doesn't make the subject HARD for us but in terms of exams..D*MNuB*Y*TCH! NO pointers&&we all thot it was gonna be easy&&all we had to do was juz study the lil notes we had but NOOOO!!! The things written on the test paper was like HELL! none of it was from planet earth...I was kinda even wondering if she left out any notes that we were suppose to copy.. I'm sure that when we come back on Tuesday we'll all b wanting to kill her for giving such a WEIRD test(bcoz all that came out wasnt from either one of her discussions/notes) that made none of us pass^^/

Haiiiiixxxx.... I've always had 2nd thoughts about where teachers really came from... Are they even human? Wer they even kids like us once??Do they noe how hard they're making it for us???
By the experience of those 2 tests I'm anticipating to really feel down on Monday...I'm gonna be really depressed by Tuesday&&I think I'll be ok by Friday...Heheh^^

Layf's too short so don't dwell on the -negative- for too long

*On the BRIGHT side*
Since yesterday(Saturday) I've got myself engaged in reading this cute-covered book that I've had for long enough alrd since I was still residing in Ireland..My parents bought it for me there when a yearly book fair came to town.. Anyways, the title is 'Marshmallow Magic & The Wild Rose Rouge' by Karen McCombie^.^
I just sooo lhub the plot of the story.. Heheh not gonna tell ye the blurb but I've given u the link to it^^, juz clik the title of the book^^ && if u might b interested in the author who wrote it it's also linked up there^^ I thot the book was juz sooo ROMANTIC.. heheh its suppose to b about a daily life of a teen but wad I'm talking about was when it came to scene when its all focused on Laurel Ferguson aka Lemmie(narrator)&&Kyle Stachan(boy character but not really the main leading man bcoz its not a love story after all)..xD 2 of them(Lyle<3)>are sooo like gUiWaNg..xD
This book is really WONDERFUL&& sooo recommended by me^^, I really admire Lemmie's confidence&&where she gains it from ^^;it's actually sad how she needs to have's all bcoz of an evil wicked witch!ARGH! I soo hate her(evil witch..DUH!)OMG! Lyle..xD I really wish the author wud consider a sequel^^...

U might think that that's all the 21 guns laid down my heart but ur wrong...Of course! I wont blurt out everything&&ruin the happy atmosphere in my blog^^, Surely, sooner or later this nuclear bomb in my heart is gonna die^.^ So here's a playlist to help me, mayb not just me but to all of the people in the world out there mend our lonely hearts^^p


  1. 21 Guns -GreenDay
  2. Trainwreck -DemiLovato
  3. Nobody -sHeRrY^^p
  4. How You Love Me Now -HeyMonday
  5. Brown Sugar Macchiato -HeyGirl&Lollipop
  6. Radar -BritneySpears
  7. Shake It Baby -HeyGirl
  8. Lucky -ColbieCalliat&JasonMraz
  9. Hello Ai Qing Fei -HeyGirl
  10. That's How You Know -DemiLovato
  11. Jai Ho -PCD

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