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Monday, February 10, 2014

mystery of love

This February since it's the month of hearts, I would like to unravel the mystery in the names of love that's why I would like to introduce to all of you my dear beloved readers, a new blog gadget that I have added up entitled "Heptad Hype". It would merely showcase my seven (heptad) top commentators who are automatically updated monthly as my loyal blog readers in this A-list of mine. Through this new phenomenon in my site, I do hope that a lot of intrigued individuals (If I must put it that way,) would be able to unravel the Mystery of Sherry more interestingly where I'd be able to feel your unfailing support and in return, I could send back the love by enlisting you as noteworthy. Clearly, this Heptad Hype is a win-win situation for both us because it could also be a platform for you to freely promote your site in my commentators rank so that's why I am highly encouraging everyone to give it a try.

Speaking of winning, I would just like to flutter a bit on the currently on-going Winter Olympics in Sochi which is making me all excited and attentive to it! Well actually, me and my dad are usually attentive whenever either the summer or winter Olympics comes around the corner. Honestly, winter sports are super cool and refreshing to watch. And OMeGosh especially those debonair and hyperventilating athletes! I am a keen junkie for adrenaline-rushing events just like watching speed skating, ice hockey and mogul skiing but I also can't wait 'til the Olympic channels that I'm following covers something about figure skating rather than being ironically hypnotized by curling today that I watched for almost three hours and still don't get it :D

Acknowledging the love
from Dara
Thank you so much, Dara! You are such a friendly and generous Blogger:)
I would also like to take this opportunity to hint everyone to keep tuning in my blog because last year I thought of two blog awards that I'm definitely gonna host this year but just haven't initiated it yet. Just like this award, one will be a bloghopping award and both are going to target you, my very supportive blog visitors and readers.

From the very bottom of our grateful Filipino hearts:

13 intrigued?:

Smartan Dad said...

Wow, I'm so proud to be in the Heptad Hype list!

Obat Sakit said...

Cik Yaya is Top the first

tp said...

have a nice day :)

livingshed said...

wow..i am in the list..thanks

Kyla Pearlisha said...

WAHH im 1 on the list.tq sherry

Dyah Ayu Rahmawati said...

thanks for blogged my award, i really apreciate it ^_^
altough i dont include in the Heptad Hype List !

Cik Yaya said...

hi sherry.. =)
wahh i'm one of the list on your heptad hype..hehe.. ^_^ so nice

Yun Sing said...

This is awesome :)

Marzuqa Quraishi said...


Smartan Dad said...

Looking forward to reading your next post!

Isteri senyum said...

Jom apply kerja kosong sini adik2

Saud Karrysta said...

Salam kenal sist dan kunjungan pertama saya maaf saya pakai bahasa
Indonesia. salam berbagi pada semua
SAHABAT BlOGGING Nice artikelnya

Karrysta said...

Kunjungan saya ini semoga bisa
Jadi teman yah sobat. salam sukses
Dan sejahtera selalu buat Admin blog ini. terima kasih atas ruang dan waktunya.

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