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Monday, February 3, 2014

Mi Familia Hispana

Lately, I've been reading this 4th giveaway that I've won from (add me!), unfortunately sprained my right wrist which makes it hard for me to write, type or merely any other hand activity especially because I'm a righty and most importantly I've been gravely missing the turron that I've happily eaten all up which was given by my Spanish cousins when we visited them in Belfast on Christmas. It has been my second time eating the original Spanish turron which I don't even know how on Earth it's made or what's even in it but all I know is that it's full of nutty goodness that melts perfectly in my mouth... delicioso! And now, all I've left of it is a picture of its box:( Who knows when my next turron blando would be... I might even have to go to Spain for it! Really the Spanish turron is as delicious but different than the Filipino turon where you'd have it in a wrap and you could have a filling of banana or mango or sweet potatoes and cheese. I just simply miss my turron blando :/ 

By the way, the blog title is Spanish for "My Hispanic Family". Actually, we are Hispanic Filipinos and both my parents have Spanish ancestry which would explain why people say I'm mestiza. My mom is more of a Spanish morena but my dad looks like a fair-skinned caucasian if not for his squinty eyes but he's totally not chinese at all. My maternal great-grandfather knew how to speak Spanish whilst my mom doesn't but my dad learned Español in college who together with my aunt sometimes had to translate for me and my cousin in order to understand each other:))
Here are some Spanish that my cousin taught me:
¡Hola = Hello
¡Bienvenidos = Welcome!
beso = kiss
Me llamo Sherry = My name is Sherry
Me gusta la playa y quede bajo el sol = I like the beach and stay under the sun
mochila = backpack
travieso = cheeky
¡Buenos días = Good morning!
Buenas tardes = Good afternoon/evening
Buenos noches = Good night
¿Cómo está? = How are you?
muy bien = very well
mucho gusto = gladly/I much like
gracias = thank you
de nada = you're welcome
adiós = goodbye
¡Feliz Febrero (Happy February!) 

7 intrigued?:

Smartan Dad said...

So cool. Wish I know Spanish too.

thelivingshed said...

mmm..happy February to you too :)

Cik Yaya said...

it's good to know something new right? ^_^

Obat Sakit said...


Dyah Ayu Rahmawati said...

this is chocholate,and i like it much :) xixix

Akeyla Azmi said...

Wow thanks sharing this sherry :D
hehehehehe at least i can learn spanish too hihi

Ayue Idris said...

iHOla Sherry :)
Me llamo Ayue~~

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