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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

France again

Last January 7-9, 2014 me and my parents together with my one and only little sister went on a quick escapade à la belle Paris! A first time for them but already twice for me oui oui together with my friends on a school trip if you remember from my previous post.

traveled with the new Guess luggage that my mom gave
1st Day
Once touched down at Charles De Gaulle airport around lunchtime, we checked in to a very fine chateau style four-star called "Dream Castle Hotel" affiliated with Disneyland Paris.
Right after dropping off our things in the hotel, we decided to buy park tickets and go to Disneyland already to have lunch there.
luckily, infants are free so we only got three
We were going to have lunch but just decided to skip it because we were still full from the plane and since the Disneyland Paris parade greeted us right away when we entered. The parade was just as magical and heartwarming as every other Disney parade that I've ever seen from other branches all around the world (so far Florida and HK) and it was also a first time for me because last time I went with my friends we decided to skip the parade. Witnessing the parade was like being in a foreign enchanted kingdom sweeping me back to my younger self, a little Disney girl taught that dreams do come true and also hypnotized by her parents that she's their one and only princess and I'm not an only child anymore (after 16 years hahah) but I still think I'm a princess though because I am! My mom also admitted that even though you're already a grown woman the excitement and joy is still there because (in my opinion) that is how magical Disney creations are^^  
Indeed once we stepped in Disneyland Paris, there was a tingling sensation creeping up our toes and suddenly there was magic everywhere!
 Unfortunately, my baby sister who was taking her usual afternoon nap in the stroller missed the whole thing:( And now she only gets to enjoy and sway along the parade through this online video that I uploaded in Youtube which I will generously share later on. Unlike the other time that I spent in Disneyland with my friends, this quality family time was different which is less adventurous with no rides at all (no Space Mountain!) and simply photos with my little sister because she can't go on most rides anyway and mostly because we came in very late leaving every ride almost closed and too dark to enjoy:) Finally, the baby woke up after a hundred photos which gave us the opportunity to have photos with her with the Sleeping Beauty Castle (so in-synced)
Afterwards, we had dinner at this food court that had a huge screen and gave kids especially my sister an excuse to watch TV while eating which is what she actually usually does. My cheeseburger had this cool Christmas tree garnish on top matching with the Christmas theme the park still had. And by the way, France has the best french fries^^p
gnarly yummy
Then comes next, the fireworks display and fortunately my sissy got to see it which I would describe in only 4 syllables:
My mom (the videographer here) presents to you Disneyland Paris, Parade then Fireworks Display:

2nd Day
First stop:
Notre Dame
It is a grand holy structure welcoming you with a very intricate facade. 
inside we found holy water with writing that reminds me of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in its sanctuary
Next stop:
Louvre Museum
It is a grandiose museum which will fool you with its much bigger and spacious inside than the way it's situated on the outside. Inside, we observed lots of masterpieces like Egyptian, Greek and more European artifacts and especially famous paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Da Vinci's The Last Supper which is magnificently big
Mona Lisa
As warned by CNN, you'll never get some alone time with her in a room usually jam-packed with tourists and this was fortunately the closest I could get. It was so full squashing us that it could be the reason why she only gives a slight smile. And I do agree with experts who speculate her rather ambiguous smile confusing you with either a reserved natural smile or a conscious smirk? Well, I think Mona Lisa's smile is unique and demure:)
Last stop:
Eiffel Tower, best viewed at night
In my previous visit in Paris I climbed up Eiffel Tower with my friends but this time with my parents and my baby sister in a stroller, I only got to say "Bonjour!" once again to the famous landmark of Paris proving it to be a romantic city of light. Those are my parents and although the sweet young love doesn't exist anymore it's still good to see that all throughout these years they're still together.
Merci Paris! We found solace at the city of light.

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suituapui said...

Wowwwww!!!! France! Double wowwww!!!! Paris Disneyland. My girl's dream to visit one, any one...and she's 25 already - yet to see her dream come true.

Akeyla Azmi said...

omg sherry!!!!!
Finally there's pic of u heheheheh
love ur eyessss <3333
And wow. Omg u're so lucky n ofcs rich to go there aaaaaaa
Id love to go there too haihhhh hihihihi jealous of u now :P

Penyuluh Perikanan said...

Seeing this photo feels attracted to come to this place, it looks like very beautiful and steady

livingshed said... to go there

lina@womens perspectives said...

Enjoying your story and shots.
Lucky girl!

Ayue Idris said...
One of my wishlist is to have a longggg holiday there! Ure soooo lucky to went there twice!
Hoping to be as lucky as u one day :)

Cik Yaya said...

wow..must be so excited at there rite.. ^_^ nice picture!

Kyla Pearlisha said...

U have beautiful lil sis dear. Lucky to be u can tavelled anywhre :) Hope oneday will go thre heheh

Achmad Bagus said...

its beautiful.. i like traveling..

Ãrif Ráhmán Hákim said...

Nice Info gan (y)
Jangan lupa visit to my Blog

Emily C. said...

omg paris.... looks like a lovely place (probably is too..) aahhhh, you make me want to go to paris.. heehee.

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

you're so lucky!
have a visit to my blog if you can read Malay :D

athiqi ariff said...

i went to disneyland too during my visit in paris! but i did choose Disney Studio instead of Disney Park..haha

Dyah Ayu Rahmawati said...

wow! marvelous..
when i see this picture i know that you are so beautiful :D
nice to meet u here.. im indonesian

Ayue Idris said...

love that Eiffel Tower..i really want to go there someday :)

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