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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Sherrylicious Gift

I just surprisingly received this cutest gift ever from Frann! Guys, please do take time to visit her site because she is über sweet for like suddenly giving me (a complete stranger to her) this cuteness out of nowhere. It's like she's known me all my life how she glued up there a bunny (fave animal), kite (flew them a lot when I was younger) and mashed up my fave colors: pink and green. If only I were as talented as Frann to create such sherrylicious art, I could gift her back to show how much I really appreciate it but since I'm not that good I'm just gonna portray my sincerest gratitude through this post:)
Thank you so much Frann for the cutest and sweetest gift ever!^^

13 intrigued?:

bredmart said...

kunjungan pagi hari yah, sambil baca-baca

suituapui said...

Great start to the new year. Happy 2014!

Thanks for dropping by my blog & commenting. Cheers!

Kyla Pearlisha said...

Cute gift sherry.I already visit ur fren site.really cute blog :) i like

Akeyla Azmi said...

wahhh. it is so cute!!!!
Yep. Sweetest gif everrr hehehe

Obat Sakit said...

nice and good surprising

aisya said...

it's cute!

p/s : chipmunk and barney, it's some sort of code names.. I love to call my boyfriend Mr. Barney because he's big and fat just like Barney.. Hehe.. And Chipmunk, my friends gave me that name. They told me, I look like Chipmunk because of my cheeks. XD

Ayue Idris said...

whoa...that's really cute!
I've got mine too for being the luckiest follower(not from frann)..haha..

cute isn't it?

Cik Yaya said...

soo cute! ^_^

lina@womens perspectives said...

So cute gift, Sherry.
Thanks for commenting.

Cmte Valter said...

Dear Sherry, first has to do a course of private pilot of one year, later a pilot course commercial two years, later a course (IFR) to fly for instruments two years, to speak English and and to fly 1500 hours of I am going to do a Contest in a company as Varig and Tam, I went Commandant in Varig for 10 years today am flying in Tam, for everything this cost $80.000 dollars. Hugs Valter.
Happy new week with peace and happiness. Valter.

Dyah Ayu Rahmawati said...

nice post my friend :)

ikhwan yusuff said...

really cute!

Cik Yaya said...

hi sherry... =)

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