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Friday, December 20, 2013

Switzerland & France

After almost a year, I have decided to finally post about this in accordance to the current winter vibe. I must admit it was freaking ten months ago so events written here wouldn't be so exact from my rusty memory. So last February 6, 2013 we had a school tour over at Switzerland and France. Four days in Switzerland while two days in France. It was definitely the best week of my life ever!
1st day
Aerlingus landed us off at Geneva, Switzerland then for two hours our tour coach dropped us off to Bern so that we could roam around and go shopping.
Bern is such a peaceful city where we totally did not have to worry about pickpockets but only peacefully admire its magnificent clockworks and shop for souvenirs like magnets and Swiss chocolate at this kiosk.
Later on that afternoon, we finally got acquainted with Minerva Hotel over at Interlaken. Unfortunately, we only stayed at a 2-starred hotel but it was nice and cozy enough and all the others were saying that we got the best room in the hotel but it wasn't that grand really.
2nd day
We scooted off to Lucerne at this transportation museum where we were oriented about Switzerland's  wonderful trains, airplanes, other means of transportation and some media tricks.
Afterwards, we joined the Lucerne Carnival which is an event from Dirty Thursday 'til Carnival Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday where locals dress up as scary as possible and parade all over the city to scare away bad spirits.
While the parade was going on, me and friends decided to roam around and visit the Lion Monument which is a very grand sculpture.
Then when the parade dissipated, people blasted off music and everyone just practically started partying everywhere and me and my friends were just literally dancing at this square.  
After, we headed back to our hotel to change and continued the party at this Interlaken pub. Oh the 2nd day was just pure partying and fun!

3rd day
After such a rave night, we were still on our boots and climbed the Swiss alps.  
Once on top, I felt like it was a dream come true to witness such a spectacular sight ripped off from Toblerone boxes and which I'd only imagine seeing in postcards.
Upon cable carts on cable carts, me and my friends finally reached the revolving viewing deck on top of Schiltorn mountain where James Bond and other international pictures where filmed at.
Then we descended several cable carts down and found this activity center where we played some hoops and badminton just before going outside and dumping ourselves in the 3-foot snow! We didn't really do much in the afternoon other than rest a bit but in the evening we went out skating at a local rink.
It was my first time skating and I was afraid I'd be so terrible at it but I was actually fine because it's pretty much like roller-blading only on ice.

4th day
Fourth day was our final day in Switzerland, the best day saved for last. It was the day when we went out to the alps again off to Grindelwald on our snow boots. We had waterproof snow gloves on because we did one of the most awesome-st thing in life.
I went tobogganing for the first time and it is the best darn thing to do in life! We basically went sledging down the Swiss slopes for almost an hour and it was super fun that we all wished it never ended which made itself to be my highlight of the whole trip knocking down Disneyland.
It's not snow if you can't make snow angels on it!
Later on that day, we slowed ourselves down by snowball fights and shopping for more souvenirs like Swiss knives making the most of it before we packed up and hopped on our bus again off to commute to France.

5th day
 After a whole night's journey, we finally arrived at Paris. We changed and freshened up at this traveler's stop ready to start the day right away over at Disneyland Park. 
I was really looking forward to going to Disneyland Paris because I've never been to that branch but I've only been to Disneyworld Florida and Disney HK so Disney Paris is now my third Disneyland. It is actually in my bucket list to go to all the Disney parks in the world.
Although Disneyland was out-stood by my tobogganing experience, we still had a lot of fun over there like going on almost every ride possible and on Space Mountain thrice with our Minnie ears. 
Then we got on a night cruise on the River Seine where we surprisingly saw the Eiffel Tower shine at night as what we would expect at the world's city of light.
Later on that night when all felt tired already, we finally got tucked in to Kyriad Disneyland Resort.

6th day
The next morn, our stomachs were satisfied with the breakfast buffet accommodation. Once full, we had to pack up everything ready to check out and have our baggage safely stored in the coach once again 'til our night flight while we tour Paris the whole day. 
The bus dropped us off in front of the Eiffel Tower still with my Minnie ears on hahah which mind you attracted a cute french guy.
Moving on, there was this lovely fountain display facing across the Eiffel. We started the day off by climbing the whole Eiffel Tower before the line gets too long and the whole tower gets crowded.  
Once on top, the view was so worth the climb, to be once again on heights I thought I'd only see in postcards. Up-top, the view of the Paris metropolis looked so serene. 
Later on that day, me and my friends just roamed around Paris within the range of the Arc De Triomphe. And with lots of roaming, meant more wonders and shopping. Paris is such a lively city and indeed we saw a few street acts here and there and also lots of brand names here and there.
Of course, we shopped for more souvenirs like magnets or Eiffel Tower miniatures and my girlfriends totally went wild on sales, makeup at Sephora and gaga over hot French guys over at Abercrombie&Fitch. Lastly, we departed at Charles De Gaulle airport which I've already been on a stopover before when I was 9 bound for a Philippine holiday. 
Speaking of Philippines, I actually bought my last souvenir at the airport which were Paris mugs and an M&M's dispenser thinking that it was also French which actually says "made in the Philippines"on the back, not a souvenir after all hahah. And that is basically how my whole school trip wrapped up.

  Switzerland is the reason why I love winter more! How about you, have you also been to Switzerland or France? Isn't it just amazing over there?

 BTW, I changed my twitter name! I don't go on it that much but you can still follow here.

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Mr Lonely said...

wow, awesome europe trip!! liked it! =D

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wahhhh u;re so pretty :D
heheheh. how fun is that heh. i wish i cn go there too :D

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:D cool pics! :D

[SK] said...

wow, now you make me envy of u.. i also wanna go skiing in Switzerland in the future!! hahaha.. :p

sHeRrY said...

@[SK]: Actually, we only went tobogganing not skiing:) Yes you should definitely travel to Switzerland I highly recommend it!

Nurkkalintu said...

I'm sure you had a lovely trip!
Beautiful pictures.

Thank you for your comment! (

Have a nice Christmas time!

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I wanna see Paris too! <3

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want to go there too :D

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