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Sunday, December 22, 2013

7 things I would love this Christmas

Since Christmas is very fast approaching, I would like to share to parents and everyone else my NON-budget friendly Christmas wishlist so that they'd also have a hint on what teenagers especially girls like me would crave and love for the yuletide season:)
1. Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Surface Pro 2 
128GB €999 incl vat

Of course, numero uno on the list would have to be the heaven sent, descends down with angels, the answer to my prayers, the magnificent new tablet by Microsoft which can now actually replace any laptop out there! Other than I've been a solid Microsoft Windows believer, this would definitely be a great replacement for my lagging laptop and iPad and like I said the answer to my OUR prayers. Not only teenagers would  be whining to have this but adults should also dump this into their bucket lists. Now I know this is under Christmas but I want this gadget so bad that I can actually wait even farther down 2014 'til my sweet sweet parents can afford it. This can also go with more memory but I think I'll be fine with 128GB spending less than €1000 excluding the €135 pink type cover 2 that I would pair it up with. I CAN wait for the day 'til I get my hands on it and if by chance I get this for Christmas, I am gonna literally levitate on air. Hop over to the link up there to know more genuine awesomeness features of this product.

2. Sony NEX-7K compact system camera
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€1249 incl vat and 18-55mm lens
Again just like the Surface Pro, I am not in urgent need of this but this would definitely be a great deal for me this Christmas to replace both of my Sony digicam and camcorder. With this, I could capture better photos for my blog and push through more with my photography hobby and passion. Now I know this is not the most cutting edge camera out there but it is just perfect for an amateur like me. I find it lighter, cheaper and still serves its purpose to deliver professional quality photos with cool newly developed mirror-less technology by Sony. And face it nowadays, the youth are getting more narcissistic! More details about this on their official website up top.

3. Bookstore Gift Card (Easons for Ireland)
Dreams eVoucher
If your teens are also booklions just like me (never insult me as a bookworm), then this amount would definitely do for us but more would also be better though we'd already be abusing your sweet sweet kindness dear parents:) I would definitely recommend my favorite book series "The Divergent Trilogy" with its burning ending which is actually going to release its film adaptation this 2014 starring the evermore hyperventilating Theo James and Ansel Elgort..XD Though I'd be using this gift card with other books on my Goodreads (add me up if you want) to-read list excluding those I've won in giveaways. For Irish residents, click the link above for non residents, don't get yourselves into trouble:)
4. Phone Twerks for my S4 (Ireland and UK)
Teenagers would definitely love new trinkets for their phone just like a nice genuine Samsung S View case. I could also get other cheaper phone accessories but I think 'tis the season to replace my plain old pink flip cover with this cool S View. And in behalf of those teens who need a new phone, kindly satisfy them with a Galaxy or Xperia or Lumia. Also a €20 gift card for iStore or Google Play Store would also get you a high five from teenagers. Okay maybe you'll never get a high five but you'll definitely get on their good side:)

5. Perfume (MarksAndSpencer)
Per Una Gabriella Eau de Toilette 100ml, , catlanding
Personally, the Per Una perfume is my absolute favorite so why wouldn't any other MarksAndSpencer bath and body products also attract other teen girls? Other girlies would also love the sweet fragrance an M&S product has to spray to keep them smelling good and fresh for the holidays. Of course, the Perfume Shop can also offer better fragrances but the Per Una perfume is also so worth your money. So far, it's the friendliest price on my list:)

6. UGG boots (Schuh)

These comfy boots are a definite necessity for everyone this season. Why? Ugh because it's freaking cold outside! So what more can you do than wrap up beautiful UGG boots for your loved ones this Christmas! Exactly, nothing else feels more like UGG boots. They are a total need for me this winter:) 

7. International Escapade

I am not even gonna bother with the price because we all know it can be very pricey. Nonetheless, I would so want the next flight to Vancouver because it seldom snows there but my dad told me it's snowing there right now so therefore I would so wanna experience their winter wonderland! What better way to spend the freezing temperatures than to go tobogganing or skiing eh? Or my parents could shoot me off somewhere nice and warm like the white sandy beaches of Bohol, Philippines. Oh I miss Bohol, I do hope they're not experiencing aftershocks anymore. Anyways, it would be such a lovely holiday for the whole family to go on a Christmas getaway:) Those are pretty much my 7 Christmas wishes^^ I do hope Santa's reading!

But most of all, we should simply give love on Christmas Day.

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Mr Lonely said...

for me i would prefer the Microsoft Surface Pro 2

[SK] said...

wow, nice list!! hope your wish come true!! :p

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Akeyla Azmi said...

omg i like number 1 n 2!!! :D
Huhuhuuh hope ur wish will come true :D

Ayue Idris said...

may all ur wishes come true this christmas dear ('',)

twinscraftlife said...

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Kyla Pearlisha said...

hello dear,u will get all these thing for christmas.hehehe. santa will sent all to u :) merry chrstmasss

aisya said...

have a great christmas and happy happy happy holiday! :)

Dyah Ayu Rahmawati said...

so much thing that absolutely need money to grab it xixix

Smartan Dad said...

Surface Pro 2, love it!

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