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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ஓtwo thousand and thirteen

How to begin the New Year?

One of the most common things they say during January is to "turn over a new leaf" or perhaps "start over a clean slate." Of course, both are doable especially for the first one where a leaf can be very light as a feather to turn over. But how does January really happen? How should we really begin the new year?

Well, to start off the new year, I guess the first reflective thing we should do is to take time to reflect on the past year. Why? It is because some wise and grateful folks once said "one can not proceed onto the next chapter unless one learns how to look back at its past." In my opinion, even though some would advice you that "what matters most is only now and tomorrow" and "don't dwell on the past anymore," I think we should still have a look at least for once in awhile at our backs not to see if there's any biting going on but in order for us to remember how phenomenal the journey for us was that got us to where we are standing right now. Think about what transpired last year, including both the positive and negative elements. The past might've hurt but I'm telling you, it's all behind us now and it gives us a choice like a Venus Fly Trap for us to be entrapped in it or to be free and just simply move on. Ask yourself: What was it that made the negative parts negative? How can you move forward this year?

After classifying memories into positives and negatives, thou shant slap yourself in the face twice for all the embarrassing and stupid things you've done but instead shake off all negative impulses that has happened by setting off firecrackers. No one ever enters the new year without getting terrified from all the firecrackers. Inspite of not being able to avoid the new year without firecrackers, start the year off with a bang!

As expected, everything will be such a complete mess from the New Year's Eve party you just had last night so in the morning when you're sober and in the right state of mind, you should clean the house. While you're at it, do not only clean up the areas greatly affected by the party but also include every other room in the house. It's nice to start off the year without having to live in a stuffy house that only stores cobwebs and rats so it's ideally great to take out all your cleaning supplies and clean the cave like mad. Getting rid of clutter physically is the best way to clear off space for new beginnings. Refresh your wardrobe. Throw out, mend or donate old clothes you no longer wear. Buy something that makes you feel good about yourself and make it flashy.

Actually, you will only be appropriate and allowed to be flashy right after you take a nice hot shower. Take a nice long shower right after collecting dust and getting covered by it all over your body upon cleaning your house which by now should be sparkly clean. It is good to take a shower as one of the things to do during the first day of the year because it will feel like you are moving on to a whole new year by washing off all of yesterday. Aside from being squeaky clean, you'll also be feeling fresh to start off the year.

Now that you've sterilized yourself, it is only just for me to give you the right to resume with the New Year's shopping. With the right outfit in season, it is only very righteous that you also match up the outfit with a whole new hairstyle. So find yourself the nearest hairdresser and get your hair done there. Don't hesitate in letting them chop off your precious hair but also be alarmed if they let you leave with only feeling cold air passing by your bald head especially if you're a female. Never let them start you off the year with a shaved head but unless if you're a man then it's ok.

Also one great way to begin the year is to clean internally. Start the new year with a healthy body. Be healthy while being wealthy at the same time because "health is wealth!" Undergo a dietary cleanse. Eliminate waste products that have built up in your system and cut out the toxins that are all a hallmark of the holiday.

Last but not the least, write down goals for the upcoming year. Buy a year planner diary even though your writing's like the aftermath of a hurricane. With those reflections in mind, make an infamous list of New Year's resolutions. These could be small tasks or large. Either way since this is your personal list, it can be as ambitious as you want it to be. Basically, the best way to begin the new year is just to be the best that you can be;)

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Dя Toxifier said...

That seems to be more of a suggestion for this year, but are there any resolutions you made?

sHeRrY said...

@Toxifier: yup like not being late for school ever again, less procrastination and being more healthy like less on junk food:) How 'bout you?

Carrie said...

I'm definitely looking forward to turning over a new leaf for twenty thirteen! I'm very excited about it as well! I WILL SUCCEED! =)

Good luck to you!

Emily C. said...

Hi Sherry! Sorry for the super late reply. I was kinda on hiatus. My blog is back up and I have added your blog to My Blog List on the sidebar! :)

Great tips on how to start a new year. Happy New Year to you too!


Dя Toxifier said...

That sounds cool..well none as yet, exams got over today only, so now I would think about new year! LOL :D

Jen said...

Cool suggestions/tips!! :) I just bought a Year 2013 Planner/Diary. (but I'll use it more as a planner, and less as a diary, I guess) :P I'm starting to organize everything that I have, even my tasks. :P Good luck and have a great year ahead! :)

Emily C. said...

(reply to your comment on my blog)
First of all, NO PROBLEMO! ;)
Second, OMG YES! Thanks for pointing that out, I've changed the title already.
Lastly, yup the movie is pretty new (released on christmas) YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT! :) I use the word 'grand' because it kinda stuck with me after reading The Fault in Our Stars (it's an amazing book by John Green, there is this character in there that uses 'grand' way too many times) WOW. you're in Ireland? sounds cool. What are you doing there? ^^

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