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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The title is actually Korean for someone who's younger than you but actually without an s but I just wrongly added an s on mine to show plural form because I'm talking 'bout 3 younger boys. Yup I'm talking 'bout the first time I babysat 3 little boys other than my baby sister three days ago. Basically, I only had to put them to bed and wait in the living room from 9 'to midnight 'til their parents came home from a party. Now, some might think handling 3 little boys may not be easy but indeed it was. I was dealing with 3 good boys who were nowhere near Santa's naughty list. 

Luckily, when I came the mother already put the two year old, the youngest to bed as if he was never there at all the whole night. It was fun especially before the parents left, the two older boys showed me their soccer cards where I totally couldn't relate at all except for Chelsea, Manchester United and CRonaldo hahah 'til the dad asked me "Now, I guess you're not used to boy talk since you've only a sister right?" Oh it was just hilarious when the boys showed me their "Gangnam Style" dance. They were so cute especially when they paused and turn around when the awkward parts came out for they are only 5 and 6 year olds. Around 8, I tried putting them to sleep. They shared a bunk together while the youngest, already asleep, slept in a crib in the other room. They had so much fun showing me all their toys like toy figures and lego models. Before goin' to sleep, I asked the boys if they wanted me to read them a story so both got me books where I thought I would be the one to read them but they were the one who did hahah I was so confused but they seem intelligent and were really good at reading. The second eldest went to sleep right away but the eldest was a bit scared without his parents and took some time but eventually he fell asleep. As they were asleep I kept myself busy with all the goodies the boys' mom left me, watched TV and went online in my ipad. The wait was actually kinda scary because I could hear the strong wind outside from the fireplace where at first I thought were the boys dragging around toys upstairs but when I came to check up on them, they were sleeping soundly. All the random rustlings and sounds that went on was quite spooky then I checked the telephone and to my surprise there was already 17 new calls on it so I texted the mom about it saying that there was no ring at all and that I was sorry for not knowing how to operate the telephone but luckily, she texted back saying no worries it's just an old broken phone. Phew! 

I was only suppose to babysit up 'til midnight for only €50 but they went home at 2am so it became €70 chaching! So in the end, it was simply effortless up 'til a spooky 2am but the high pay was indeed worth it! Can't wait to babysit again. How 'bout you, have you also tried babysitting before?

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nice post my friend :)

Dя Toxifier said...

Well you really got more than expected because that phone was broken, else! LOL! Anyways, it was quite easy after all. But stay alert the next time, the kids might not be this easy going, haha! :)

rossanoni said...

Rossanoni was visit here

Belajar Komputer said...

nice your family, merry christmas

sHeRrY said...

@Belajar Komputer: Merry Christmas to you too! Sorry for the late reply. BTW they're not my brothers or family they're just the little boys I babysat;)

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