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Thursday, January 10, 2013

。◕‿◕。Possession of Cherrybelle Dawn

Yey today, the pink iPad Smart Case that my mom ordered for my iPad2 finally arrived! She ordered it about a few days ago. Actually, the money used to pay for this €49 is from my grandmother living in Chicago who gave me €80 for my birthday so TYSM grandma:D One good thing that I like about buying Apple products online is how they also include free engravement just like what they did in my ipod and for this Smart Case. Though it's kinda tiny (about the same size as the one in my ipod so I expected a bigger one since it's an ipad), I still like it because I've now personalized my ipad through the case because I wasn't able to get an engravement on my ipad for I bought it offline in the istore. By the way, the engravement that I got on it is "Possession of Cherrybelle Dawn" just like the blog title posh and cheesy right hahah. I know that it's the ipad that's more important really but I guess this new case is also important because my old one was so broken, not cracked but the things that were suppose to keep the ipad in place fell off thus it made my ipad slip and almost fell D: But never fear anymore because the pink iPad Smart Case is now here hahah that rhymes:P

OMG today I also got passport pictures for my French and Swiss visa so can't wait about 25 days more to go! Still need to buy snow clothes though and perhaps new DC shoes?

12 intrigued?:

cik nur said...

wahh so cute :)

Ardian Tokotua said...

Blognya keren..

Cewe banget :)

Salam kenal ya :)

Technology said...

awaited follow back

Dя Toxifier said...

nice case :D and now you heading to France/Switzerland?

sHeRrY said...

@Toxifier: yup this February.

Technology said...

welcome back, hehe

Purple Ink said...


krykie said...

awwwwww! lucky :) those bucks are big na hihi~ ^_^
it's good to have a generous grandmom right~ :))

pink stuff will always be cuteee~ kahit ano pa yan :))

Dя Toxifier said...

cool, if it's a trip, have fun, and if you are going there to live/study - good luck! ^_^

sHeRrY said...

@Dя Toxifier: It's cool because it's only a trip to Switzerland and France rather than living there. Guess you wouldn't live at two places at once right? hahah

Dя Toxifier said...

of course, I meant if you were going to live in one of them! :P
anyways, I added a banner exchange page on my blog. Would like a feedback about the content I wrote there :D And in case you wish a banner exchange too :D

nurcahyaku10 said...


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