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Friday, April 20, 2012

。◕‿◕。blog revival!


I was just uploading some huge videos over at YouTube (and still uploading as of now) and while waiting I thought of my inactive blog. And so it hit me that "I shall revive this blog again" since I also need some money through this blog's Nuffnang ads now that it's school vacation and dad's not giving me school allowance anymore. I've got the energy back to blog from soul searching over the past two months and I still am. Basically, last March was Graduation and this April school vacation has been a blast! But break's not over yet and I still have plenty of things to do before I hit college!

The lessons in life are many yet many are happy.

4 intrigued?:

Menchie Anne said...

Hi sherry! We are the same because I wrote again on my inactive blog. It's good for us! ^ ^. Blogging is really helpful. :))

Home Expert said...

I am really happy that you activated this blog. Writing on blogs and jumping of to another captures many ideas that are very useful in everyday life. Just like me, I am writing articles about home designs as well as home improvements. Every time I am done with my article, I will allocate some of my time reading new ideas on my field. Sometimes, I would also dropped by on blog that catches my attention such like the design of this blog (so cute ^ ^). I hope you will continue to update this blog as I continue reading your posts. Good luck! :)

Dя Toxifier said...

That's great! :) Enjoy your holidays and hey! welcome again to blogger! ^_^ haha! :D I stopped blogging for 2 years, during my last 2 school years because of studies, but I started my blog again last year(after entering the college! :D) removing my previous one! :D I guess there are so many people with the similar views! :D Great! :D :D Happy Blogging! ^_^ And yes! Good luck for the college that's about to start! :)

Esther Angela said...

glad you're back :D

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