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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ஓ2nd day of school

Ugh it's back to school for me! The days for school vacay were really not enough! Thank God the first week is just all 'bout orientation where I'm lucky to take naps since I'm still really not up for school. What's worst is that our adviser told us yesterday to expect lots of activities for senior year that will leave us really busy! No. I guess I wont have time to inspire myself with Korean dramas. And also, I guess I wont be updating my blog much in the future because of school but I'll try to reply tags daily.

1st day was alright but today was even better! The morning activities really cracked me up with all those funny presentations from other groups. Though I kinda embarrassed myself, lunch in McDonald was fun because I bonded with a previous classmate whom I really missed a lot during the holidays. Too bad she's now in another section but I still have hopes that she'll be re-sectioned in my class because our adviser told us that there might be chances.

PS, It really pisses me off how he's usually teasing me in Facebook Chat! When we meet in school, it's the same usual teasing session with him! He's so irritating! But then again, today he seemed to be a little nice to me? Then he suddenly popped up in my Facebook Chat teasing me again! I feel like he likes me? He's handsome alright but I super hate his attitude!
Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep.

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Panda said...

School day! Hahaha.. I hate the waking up part! XD This is panda.. Please re-link me. My new URL

sHeRrY said...

@Panda: yea the waking up part is also my worst enemy! alright i'll relink you:]

airam said...

oh coooool :)
greets, wait you..!

Melle Lee said...

I know how you feel with school.. good thing im done with it.. LOL you can still watch the korean dramas when u get home or when you have time :( hmm that song hope is a dream that doesnt sleep is the ost of baker king ayt?

Hi I'm ROY said...

You have a lovely blog, i like it much very interesting post as well.

Happy blogging.

sHeRrY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fun Blog said...

Thank you for visting my site.
I have my Multi Tab where you can find my Chatbox.

Tagbilaran ka pala? Dyan ako nag school sa Holy Name University dati 1997

Nice to meet you.

Hi I'm ROY said...

Sorry, Fun Blog is my other account.

It's me Roy of

Caren said...

Agh, I know right? It's always like that. I don't even know what's the date today. Haha. But I know it's Sunday.. right?

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