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Saturday, May 28, 2011

ஓsharpay's fabulous adventure

Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay Evans), Austin Butler (Peyton Leverett) and a special guest appearance of Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans).

So I just saw this movie's Asian premier about 2 hours ago and here I am now blogging 'bout it. Just a little recap from the official trailer that I posted up there, so this movie was from the producers of High School Musical so basically it's just  about what happened next to Sharpay Evans. Simply a connection with High School Musical, a High School Musical spin-off. 

So the plot is just the typical chase-your-dreams-then-it-comes-true. Now, this movie may also sound like your typical predictable one but you also shouldn't miss out on this because it teaches us a lot of lessons 'bout life just like "selfish is out and down to earth is in". 3 syllables for this movie, fab-ul-ous! hahah. I so love how Sharpay is also a pinkaholic just like moi! 

And we're also both daddy's little princess and sadly, I'm also kinda spoiled but nowadays I'm also trying to loose that spoiled-princess title because it doesn't make me feel good. Well, it never made me feel good because actually, I never even tried to be spoiled just that my dad wants to spoil me. Does that even make any sense? You don't have to read between the asterisks. *I never even knew what being spoiled meant nor had I any idea that I was acting spoiled 'til a distant aunt of mine just asked my dad if I was spoiled then dad replied that he enjoys spoiling me. And there's also that one time were that bxtch classmate of mine called me a spoiled brat just because I got to the seat first. I so got insulted and really couldn't shed my tears where I so don't fancy crying in school because I never do that but she was the second person who made me cry in school and so of course she apologized to me. She had to! I hate her! Was her name even written on the seat?! Well, if she thought that I was trying to steal it from her because I was swiftly running, well, she's dumb for thinking that because I was only trying to escape from my worst enemy, the heat!* Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm not a spoiled brat though I can be childish sometimes but I can also be your sweet girl.

To sum everything up, everyone, take time to watch this because Ashley was really cute in here together with Little Pickles (Sharpay's dog) while Austin was just charming! 

Don't ever hide your talent and show 'em what you've got!

4 intrigued?:

Luanne said...

oohh. I watched that yesterday on Disney Channel. :) I also watched High School Musical 1 and 2 before that movie. :)

sha☆シャ said...

haha I'm daddy's lil' girl too, but i have no intention to change the fact *bad girl* LOL
I haven't watched this one, but I have to agree, Ashley is really cuteee~ and she looks great with Austin :3

sayraah said...

awww, you were able to watch it! I wasn't. I didn't even know when it was going to be shown. :( Maybe next time. :D

Char said...

i super love this movie. i love everything disney! :)

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