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Friday, May 27, 2011

。◕‿◕。blog award #6

1. Make a post contain with:
  • Say thank you to someone who give you this award.
  •  Write about someone who give you this award.
  • Write about yourself.
  • Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends).
  • Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox.
2. Use this banner award on your blog sidebar. 

The Fulfillment

Thank you Sha and Emily for the award^-^

Well, I don't really know much 'bout my blogger friend Sha but according to her blog it says that she's 18 who's half Chinese, half Indonesian, dad's little girl and a chocoholic. She loves watching the rain from the window, cute things and rainbows. She's simply one of a kind, one in a billion, everything you can't ever be, imperfect and she's loving it.
I address this online friend of mine "Emily". Emily's also a friendly blogger who loves Glee, Kpop, Harry Shum Jr., Youtube and blogging. heheh, I just took those off from her self-description for this award and lastly, she said that she's a currently confused student. Funny thing actually, I just heard this evening that today she also gave me the same award, we both blogged 'bout this award today where I posted in the morning and while Emily in the afternoon.

Now, something 'bout myself! You can call me sHeRrY. I'm obviously normal and 100% human. Honestly, I don't really know myself that much yet. Well, I'd write some of the things I already know 'bout me but that wouldn't give justice to my "Girl" page found at the navigation bar up there so yea you can just go over there and read all the dish 'bout me. But before you go there here's a little spoiler, I'm a myopic procrastinating dork born on November 7, 1995 who loves pink, rabbits, photography, traveling, music, SuJu(LeeSungMin), CNBlue(KangMinHyuk), 2NE1, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, friendly people and me(why?they said I have to love myself first).
(For the image URL, just check out the credit posted up there. I disabled my right-click so just alternately highlight then Ctrl+C or highlight then Ctrl+Ins.)
Merel, Char&Nina, Marinella, Vclement, Emily, Nichellyn, Angel, Panda, Darell. Now I know I should only give this to 9 bloggers but I'd just have to complete the list and give this to all my paperclips and I also don't have biases within my links just that those listed up there are my 1st 9 paperclips.Looselippedlassie, Lina, Dee, Sayraah, Nekomiou, Luanne, Caren, Alissa, Lintang.

16 intrigued?:

Lintang said...

I've got this award....
hehehehhe~ btw, thx ^.^

eMiLy ChAnG said...

Thanks! OMG, i received this award from miaojuan too. So i tagged u too! xD wanan receive it again? ;)

Luanne said...

Thank you for the award.. :)

.Thequeens said...

grats :)

sHeRrY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sHeRrY said...

@emily: hahah, what a coincidence! yea i'd be happy to accept this award again from you. I'll just include you in the post later. alright?

airam said...

hey i'd like the photo
can you visit my blog?
and follow me? :)

sHeRrY said...

@airam: yea sure i'll visit your blog but sorry i don't just follow anyone:]

sha☆シャ said...

xoxo you're welcome dear :3
LOL I'm already 18 and still my daddy's lil' girl xD

sHeRrY said...

my comment section not working? this is a sample comment

Panda said...

THANKS FOR THE AWARD! It's my first time to receive an award! =)))

Trish said...

Yay! Nice award you got there! ;>

Jeanbeltran said...

congrats to the award sherry!

Char said...

thanks for the award! really appreciate it! :)

Angel.S said...

Wow~! Congratsz~~! Thanksz For Tagging Me Along~!

Marinella said...

Thanks for the award.

I'll blog about it on my next post.

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