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Saturday, January 1, 2011

✿happy new year 이성민✿

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Yey!!! Happy 2011 to all of us!! Hope we all had a pleasant day today as the priest said that it might be lucky this year for we all started the year with 1/1/'11. It's also a coincidence how it's the year of the metallic rabbit and I just bought 2 new rabbits one white and the other grey because I just started to like 이성민(Lee Sung Min) of Super Junior last year^^, Why metallic rabbit? Well, It's because from what I've heard from dad who heard it from the news that said that the color of the year is either silver or something metallic so that's why this 2011 is called the year of the metallic rabbit. And once again I just bought a grey rabbit that fits in with the year^_^

And I'd also would just like to greet a very happy birthday to 이성민(Lee Sung Min) of Super Junior today!!! Thank you God for adding another prosperous new year to him and for ever giving life to a talented, handsome and cute guy who makes me smile^_^

I'm planning on having a healthy strict diet. Wish me luck and you can also comment up some advice:]
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22 intrigued?:

Marinella said...

Happy New Year too! And hey, I'm planing to lose weight too.

sHeRrY said...

@marinella: good luck to both of us!

[ k r y k ] said...

Sungmin oppa! aarghh :))

Happy New Year!

sHeRrY said...

@[ k r y k ] : OMG is he also your fave? hope you don't get mad but I'd just like to share the nickname my classmates gave me which SuShe(Sungmin+Sherry)

ChelleKim said...

Ditto! Gotta lose weight for 2011! Chubby free no more! :)

aian said...

happy new year sis!

sHeRrY said...

@ChelleKim: good luck to all of us:]
@aian: same to you!

❤Nichellynn❤ said...

Sorry for coming late girl. ❤
Happy 2011 ; Happy New year.
P/s: Everyone loves healthy diet :)
Btw, do you mind teaching me how to get such nice designed cbox? You designed it yourself i guess?

sHeRrY said...

@❤Nichellynn❤: i didn't really design it myself all credits to

.Thequeens said...

Happy New Year 2011! good luck of the loosing weight :D exercise more!

Ohh, did you talk about the button you've requested last time? Yeah, i found it. Here you go:


Umi said...

Happy new year! :) Hope you have a blast this year!

melle lee said...

happy new year..

wow this is your year then.. hahaha I was born at the year of the dragon.. rawrrr.. LOL

Goodluck with the new year's resolutions..

sHeRrY said...

@.Thequeens: oh so that resource site was really yours^^, TY for the link but i also found the button again in my usb a few days ago:]
@Umi: yea i think i'm gonna have a blast this year:]
@melle lee: no actually it's not my year because i was in the year of the pig:]

Hazel said...

New rabbit? let us see some pictures! i love rabbits <3 happy 2011 dear :)

Merel ♥ said...

happy 2011 ! :D
and another rabbit, so cute!
How have you named your new rabbits ?^^
My resolution is also same lik yours.
And because I didn't do sports, I'm going to fitness with my best friend this year.. and healthy diet :D
화이팅 ~

sHeRrY said...

@Hazel: I'll post them up next time:]
@Merel: i blogged about my rabbits' names before and I also remember you commenting about them.. remember? the post i had about the 2nd giveaway that i got from niszke and twas a rabbit^^, 화이팅!

Merel ♥ said...

Oh yes I remember.
I had mistaken, I thought you bought another pair of rabbits haha, sorry ^^"

rêve de mode said...

Oooh, your pictures looks great.
Really beautiful :D
I like your blog very well ☺

if you like, take a look at my blog, but I must warn you I’m a complete newbie ;D
If you like we can follow each other.
Would be happy :)

: * kiss

sHeRrY said...

@rêve de mode: yea sure you can follow me and we can link exchange.. know what that means?

sHeRrY said...

@rêve de mode:: ah never mind link exchanging let's just follow each other alright? follow me first then I'll surely follow you back:]

annar said...

I like your blog. :)

watch out mine and feel free to follow.

sHeRrY said...

@annar: TY for liking^^, so did you follow me?

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